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Originally Posted by David
We also need to make it so private threads dont count towards a forums thread count :P
Just out of curiosity, why shouldn't posts in private threads count towards a forum thread count.

Because then someone will make a thread only they can see and just start plastering the thread with stupid 1 line messages.

I think he means that for those who don't have access, they won't see that a forum that seems otherwise empty actually has 20 threads But that may be a bit much on the system to check every time.

Moderators (or Game Masters if you will) can automatically see all private threads in their forum.

Well...if it's possible, it'd be nice if private forums didn't mark a thread as "New" unless you were one that could read said forum.

That would be nice...also, in one of my games, I had private threads for every player, and about 30 players.

If there are private threads, which you cannot see, it would be great if they did not push your thread onto the next, if there was only one thread you could see, it would always be on the first page..

We are working to improve private threads, we have not forgotten about it but we are adding features as we see we have time, so some bigger projects might get pushed back as we get ready to make a move or upgrade this server.


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