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The Language Question

The Language Question

Alright, a simple enough question, with slightly more complex ramifications. If it has already been addressed in some obscure corner of the yet-growing rules, please point me in the right direction. That said, here goes,

Are languages other than English permitted in games on this website?

This isn't so much of a technical question as a community one. I, for one, would enjoy being able to roleplay in one of my non-English languages (Japanese), and I feel certain that the members of this site are worldly enough to appreciate the value of alternate forms of linguistic expression and would be interested in exploring those ramifications in the roleplaying arena.

Yes, a certain amount of exclusivity arises from this, since not everyone speaks French, or Russian, or Mandarin, or whatever a group decides to play in. However, to a certain extent, any D&D game is functionally exclusive since it defines itself to a certain base of players and DMs. Thus, introducing language as an option would meaningfully enhance the roleplaying experience for board members without significantly detracting from the community feeling.

Of course, for the sake of accessibility, the assorted site/general discussions should remain in the proto-vernacular of English. But what do you think about allowing games in other languages?

Good question.

So far, it hasn't been talked about or decided upon, AFAIK. As a site member, I would definetely love to see other languages supported. My english improved tremendously with the roleplaying done on pbp, and I'd love it if I could do the same with German, to be more fluent in it.

However, methinks we need to be able to at least check on the games and their content. Perhaps, limit the languages allowed only to those that the staff knows? Allow all languages, but use a google translation to figure out the meaning? Don't know, it's a good question and with many aspects.

Let's see what the Admins have to say.

For now we are an English only site. Please give us a chance to walk before we teleport.

In the future, probably based on having mods that speak the language, we may allow foreign language games.

Allowing games in other languages would be swell, my cousin ask me several times to DM a PbP game for him and his friends in our native tongue of Spanish, as they are not that proficient with English.

Well, would you then allow someone that speaks another language that people wish to run be made into a mod specifically to keep tabs on games in that language?

Well, I don't think that we will assign moderators specifically for language checking. I think that Michael's point is fair, we need to walk before we will teleport. But this topic is very interesting, and I'm sure additional languages are a future possibility.

Fair enough points. I agree that content monitoring is important and that, even if numerous translation options are available online, it would still be a pain to rely on such when trying to read a full thread.

That said, I believe that there would be value in deputizing community members as some form of moderator with the goal of handling language-specific content. The moderator title implies a certain level of universal capability at adjudicating on-site issues which contains the necessary flexibility for such a role. Just as there are frequently coding-specific or organization-specific or community-relations-specific moderating roles, so also could there be experts or specialists in the linguistic realm.

This is all, of course, long-term musing.

I look forward to the day when we can take a closer look at doing this - I think it might encourage multi-lingualism which in turn encourages cultural understading...ok...really I just want to game in a foreign language cause it sounds fun long as someone can check them periodically

There are actually two levels of moderators, supermods like Aahz who swans around lordinng it over the entire site, and mods, who have rights over individual forums.

I think it more than likely we would set up mods for each language, and give them rights in the forums, without suddenly creaiting more supermods than we have players.


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