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The Language Question

There I go, being called a bird, and in the time of the avian flu, no less! :biggrin:

The idea of separate moderators sounds about good. If and when we expand to new languages, it will probably be a gradual expansion by popularity. Languages such as Spanish, French and German will probably get priority over Eskimo (although it is incredibly nifty, they describe the white colour in 10 diferrent ways!).

I think this would be a fun feature, though even in applying to one, I'd half-wonder if it's only for native speakers (or with near-native fluency), or if a disjointed, "what-the-hell-did-he-just-say" series of posts would be accepted.

I majored in German in college and haven't had much of a chance to use it since, so on the one hand, I'd look forward to the opportunity to practice. On the other hand, I might be a bit too embarrassed of my current level of fluency to participate.

What's that, rock? Hard place? I don't get it! ;p


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