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Proposal: An Optimization Subforum

Proposal: An Optimization Subforum

Alright, this is a section where I feel MythWeavers can clearly distinguish itself.

Concept Summary: A subforum dedicated to the topic of mechanical optimization. "Mechanical optimization" is defined as the pursuit of improved capabilities within a roleplaying rules system. This is accomplished by making smart decisions by players and DMs in the character/game-creation process and during games themselves.

The subforum would provide a place where members can communicate ideas about optimization techniques, share characters for critique and improvement, and compile meaningful resources to help future players and DMs.

Note that this is absolutely not to be at the cost of roleplaying depth, diversity, or intelligence. Mechanical optimization at the price of enjoyable playability defies the whole purpose of making a character or NPC or trap or whatever better.

This subforum would be a place for players to improve their characters, for DMs to seek unique options for powerful challenges, and for Myth Weavers to develop a body of rules-knowledgeable-but-play-quality-sensitive expert members.

In short:
A way to say "No" to rogue munchkining by promoting mature and meaningful power-enhancement.
A way to say "Yes" to making things better inside the rules.

I would strenuously object to such a forum. A house rules forum might be a great idea, but a CO forum... leave that to the WotC boards, keep it away from a roleplaying board.

Please avoid categorical and unexplained declarations so we can discuss reasons for and against this concept.

To respond, Mechanical Optimization is an essential and inalienable feature of roleplaying. Anytime somebody makes a decision with their character's many options, they select between options that are either more or less optimal for their goals. Since this is a roleplaying forum, it makes sense that we should have a subforum for helping people accomplish interesting and meaningfully representational characters within the rules and roles set.

I'm not talking about a straight-up "Min/Max" forum or a "Let's Break the Rules" forum. I'm talking about channeling the natural urge to make characters/NPCs/traps/etc which represent something neat and interesting inside the game using the rules available.

Ah, that's fair enough then. Perhaps the name Mechanical Optimisation isn't the best, though, for that concept. Mechanical Realisation?

We will be holding off on this idea, mostly because of our expanded game system allowances which are still undecided.

Such optimisations would be system specific, and their organisation is too many orders of intentionality above my reasoning level to implement.

Originally Posted by Dark_Azrael
I dont understand....
i think the intention is not "how do i make my character do the most possible damage per attack?" as you inferred, but rather, "I need an NPC guard for my King. Rather than a fighter class, is there a better choice? What weapons/equipment would a person of that stature be likely to have?"

To clarify further, I believe that a whole separate forum just for mechanical optimization is an overshot. I think it will be fair if this sub-topic will be included in a future "house-rules"'esque forum.

I agree that this "Mechanical Realization" section should be a subforum (thus the title). As a suggestion for organization, it could be part of a "Game Mechanics" forum. A sample layout is proposed in one of the spiffy new spoilers:

Anyhow, even though individual optimizations/realizations would be system-specific, I believe that it would be okay to mix them into the same subforum. Why? Because most people involved in this site's systems are conversant in one or more of the rules-sets, a trend that becomes even stronger when we speak of the "experts" or self-identified rules-knowledgeable sorts. Furthermore, beyond making organization and moderation easier for the admin team, this would foster a sense of joint community support for optimization/realization in the various roleplaying options available here.

Also, while Michael has spoken that this idea will be held off on for a while (and rightfully so in a still-growing site), I would point out that if a single unified "Mechanical Realization" subforum were to be created, it would functionally bypass the "allowed systems" debate and pre-empt system-centric community stratification.

Gee, LoP wanting some kind of optimization forum, imagine that.

I would support the idea actually. It would be a good place just to get basic advice that would necessarily be of a rules nature. So when someone wants to know which feat besides toughness they should take, there is a good place to ask it.


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