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Faulty Stuff

Faulty Stuff

Well, I know right now that the Last Active Threads module in the left sidebar does NOT work. This post, hopefully, will be update it and we'll be able to see something there.

I've removed that module from the left sidebar, but maybe we'll see its return later.

A bug? not sure. The view singkle post option (clicking on the number in a thread) gives the old DNDOG style single post rather than the entire thread with the post in it, which I vaguley remember as being some kind of security hole.

It's not a bug, it's the default behavior of "viewpost". In DnDOG, I simply removed any instance where viewpost was called, because it doesn't check thread permissions, and people can look at private threads through it. In the new version, I can probably reinstate it, but I like viewing posts among the others, not by themselves. It's a really short template edit I can make later.

I have this very strange login problems. Pretty much, I come to the main page (the site portal), and I use either of the boxes to login, only to be redirected to the portal, but without being logged on. However, if I click any link that moves me to any site of the forum, I am shown as logged on.

Test thread doesn't appear to be loading. At the moment, anyway.

What test thread? If you're referring to the threads in the test forum, those were all cleared out. If not, and nothing's loading, are you getting an error of some sort?

Nope. Test forum is exactly what I was referring to. You are good.

Okay, so:

When I first select the Forums link at the top of my screen, I get a list of the Forums. Unread areas have a brighter shine to their icon. Cool.

So I click the icon, and go to the unread thread, and read it.

When I click Forums again, it still shows that icon bright, as though I never read the post. But when I return to that section of the board, the thread shows as read.

When I click Forums again after that, it properly shows the icon dark to indicate no new threads/comments.


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