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"Living" MnM Game

"Living" MnM Game

So I was reading up on things like Pathfinder Society and LFR a bit and I thought it might be interesting to do something similar with Mutants and Masterminds. Right now this is kind of a high concept with some random brainstorming ideas. So I'll kind of divide this into a couple sections, one being the "mechanics" side of it and the other the "fluff".


One of the obvious differences between Mutants and Masterminds and other d20 games that have "living" structures is the reward system. "Leveling up" is not very common in MnM. Generally you start out at a certain power level and you kind of stick it out there. Increasing Power Level is not as simple in MnM as garning a certain amount of points and then going to the next level. There is also no "treasure" or the like the garner in MnM like what you would receive for completing a D&D or Pathfinder module.

While some would say being able to play and adventure would be it's own reward, something else might be warranted. After reading through another thread on the M-W, I was thinking that possibly a badge or achievement system could be integrated. Basically we give the player their own page somewhere on the game board or maybe through a wiki (if we make one) and when they complete an adventure they get a badge corresponding to such an adventure. Might be something fun to collect! Additionally, these badges could possibly gain you entry into more advanced adventures down the road.

So for the adventures, GMs could make their own and collaborate. I think the adventures should be on a private "GM" board so that way if a GM needs help or disappears, another could take over and finish things out. I think GMs should be able to play as long as it's not a game they GM. Though there may need to be some discussion of the adventures they're allowed in since they could have first hand knowledge of what's to happen.


So on the more flavorful side of things. The question of a universe to set it in would be one to ask. Here are my thoughts on the options for that:

1. DC Universe is probably the first and most obvious option. I'm a big DC fanboy to begin with, so my vote would go that direction, but apart from that Mutants and Masterminds already has built in support for the DCU with Green Ronin's DC Adventures books. The players could possibly be a new branch of the Justice League, so we could involve the other "big" Leagues, but not have them involved too heavily to take any spotlight off the player characters. Battling familiar villains could also be a lot of fun.

2. Marvel Universe would likely be the next option to talk about. I think Marvel is a bit more popular these days given the movies, so that's an advantage over DC. There's not as much "official" support for a Marvel game, but atomicthinktank (MnM's official message board) has a lot of people who have done a great job writing up stats that are pretty good. This could have the same sort of "new branch" feel as what I mentioned above, just with the Avengers rather than the Justice League.

3. Freedomverse is our third option. This has a good amount of official support I'm sure since it's Green Ronin's own setting, unfortunately I'm not a fan so know very little about it, someone else would likely have to jump in and let every know what Freedomverse has over the previous two options.

4. A completely new world would be our final option. Obviously no official support and it'd require more effort on the parts of the creators, but having that amount of freedom could be something people would really like. This is a good option if the previous ones would kind of make the players feel "second fiddle" when put next to heroes like Superman and Iron Man.

Anyway. Lot of information. As mentioned, this is just a brainstorming idea right now, so nothing in here is "final" or even close to it. I just want to see what interest people would have in such a game, if I could get enough GMs to help, and what other ideas people might have for some big superhero game!

Thanks for reading!

If using one of the big 2 established universes, it might be a good idea that after a certain number of sessions your granted the ability/option to advance in certain situations.

Say your a Teen Titan when you start, and power level 10. Let's say after a certain number of sessions you've put enough years in and grown up enough that your ready to be justice league, so there's a system in place to bump you up to say, power level 12. This would be similar to Pathfinder Society's level up system, except not entirely mandatory, not a straight "get one chance to pick." deal, and not as common as "every 3 sessions.".

I'd like to start with a blank sheet with the character's being among the first to become heroes. That way you can start to build up a continuity without to much back-story to wade through.

I would argue against using one of the Big Two's universes. If you do, you're tying yourself to their continuity and their actions and their writers. What if we were playing a group of mutants and suddenly M-Day comes along, and we all lose our superpowers? Creating your own universe lets you build up the mythology however you want it.

Something similar has been attempted here:

The main problem in my experience is that with less personal oversight of the characters, Hero Points get awarded only very rarely.
As for rewards: you could just award power points. With the Equipment reward, and usually plenty of spinoff abilities or alternative uses for powers a character can develop, those count as XP -and- as 'loot'.

Another concern are secret identities: would you expect characters to either have high Deception or be ready to get their identity seen through at the drop of a hat?

A way around the continuity slave problem with setting it in DC or Marvel U would be make it an elseworld/alternate universe. The fact that a lot of these exist but many have not been examined is established canon for both companies.

That way, just cause earth 1 suddenly decided that superman use to be a girl or earth 2 decided to just kill off Jay Garrick for no reason and make a Mexican/Japanese/Navaho Flash just to make an insulting token effort to have more minority characters, or on Marvels end, just cause White Queen and Cyclops decided the only way to stop magneto taking over is to take over and put the mutants in charge, or Ultimate Captain America is reviled to be a closet serial killer who's never been caught till just now, it doesn't mean that the game has to pay ANY of that ANY mind.

Yes, you'd still need to build a bit of canon, decided what works/doesn't work and how/why in this particular alternate universe, but it would be easier then building one form the ground up, no harder then fleshing out freedomverse, and people can still play alongside characters they know and love/fight Iconic villains.

Though obviously this would need to be a dedicated universe that does little to no iteration with the one's that the comics writers publish stories about, to avoid the problem of becoming a slave to what ever the current publish continuity is.

Note: The suggested examples are not intended to be insulting in and of themselves. They are intended to express the sorts of stupid stunts the writers in the big two companies are becoming increasingly known for.

This is an awesome idea. I'm totally stoked about it. I hadn't thought about it, but a supers game is perfect for a living world type game.

If you're going to go with an established property, I'd try Marvel.

BUT, I think your best option is to have a unique setting. That would require some work on the part of the head GM or GMs, but this idea is big enough that you should think about the future a little bit. Just in case you want to do something else with it, such as having its own website.

I'd be willing to help with a project like this, and even in the creation of a world, if you decide to go that way. However, I'm new to MnM, so there'd be a learning curve there. Still, I taught myself Pathfinder on the fly so it shouldn't be too bad.

Originally Posted by Ikul View Post
Another concern are secret identities: would you expect characters to either have high Deception or be ready to get their identity seen through at the drop of a hat?
I've always played this as simply being that most folks won't see through secret identities with a single skill check. SI's may be revealed, but it would be the climax of a major story and with the player's consent.

Basically, a central part of a PC shouldn't change just because of a dice roll.

Well, Bats and Supes figured each other out about fifteen minutes in.

Which raises the question: when -does- it change? What does it take? All it took in that particular case was respectively a successful Sleight of Hand check -one opposed roll- and the use of supersenses -not even a roll-.

EDIT: Conversely, there's the case with the Flash and Luthor when they get bodyswapped, Luthor takes the mask off, looks in the mirror and goes, "...I have no idea who this is". No amount of failed Deception would give your identity away to someone who's never heard of the other you.


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