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Waterdeep: The Last Resistance

Waterdeep: The Last Resistance - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hello! I'm looking for three additional players for my game. This is a steampunk style game taking place a thousand years in Faerun's current timeline. There is tech and magical tech that is early 20th century era.

Neo Waterdeep

3rd level
Abilities can rolled using the rolling system in the Player's Handbook or Standard array. You can also take the array if you are dissatisfied with your rolls. You'll also roll for Infamy.

All published material is available. Additionally Unearthed Arcana is available if it fits the theme of the game. Just run it by me first.

Your character is from the Sword Coast which is occupied by the Sovereign Union. A government that controls nearly every aspect of life of its citizens. No other races fared the hardest more so than the long lived races like the elves. There are even fewer elves in Faerun then ever before. Most elves and gnome escaped to Evermeet or have gone into hiding as they are taken away by the Union.
Your character either escape occupied Waterdeep or is the child of survivors. Your character now lives on a small floating city and part of a team of Resistance fighters.

Things to included in your backstory.
1. How did they or their parents escape Neo Waterdeep?
2. What is their role in the Resistance?

Deadline: June 26th

Game Description:

Year 2493

The Sword Coast has changed greatly in the last thousand years. Two centuries ago the Lord's Alliance were able to create flying ships and structures using Earthmotes. With the new technology civilization advanced but so too did the old magic wane. The teleportation circles weakened and most stopped working altogether. Many magical artifacts cease to work as well. Wizardry and arcane casters became less and less common.

To overcome these obstacles new means of transportation were created. A great railway systems of smoke and steam where made to travel the continent. The uncharted parts of the map were revealed and new countries across the Trackless sea were established. Toril was moving forward...

On an ordinary night some five decades ago Waterdeep was awakened by explosions, fire and falling rubble. The Sovereign Union Party or simply the Sovereign Union whom opposed the Lord's Alliance had been building new technology in secret. They overwhelmed the Lord's Alliance in a coup and destroyed over half the city in the process. The rest of the cities on the Sword Coast quickly surrendered.

Following their victory, the Sovereign Union used the city's wealth to rebuild. Neo Waterdeep rose from the debris to tower over the Old City. They placed identification on all the citizens in the form of tattoos on the base of the neck. They placed curfews and appointed each citizen with work and while it is true that peopleís needs are meant no citizen have any true freedom on how they live their lives. This has continued to present time.

Two notable things about the Neo Age is in Waterdeep and every large city like Balderís Gate is there are no elderly. Where they are taken to no one knows. The other strange phenomenon as the clergy. Those they praise and openly worship Tyr none of the clerics have been seen casting divine magic or preforming works. They merely repeat holy rhetoric. To say that they have lost Tyrís favor or something similar is illegal and those individuals face blasphemy crimes.

Despite hope being crushed, the resistance forces annihilated, and the rebels forced from their homesÖ hope remains. Lead by the last living blood descendant of the former Open Lord, Jeardra Silverhand took over the Resistance following her fatherís death. Hidden in the heavily foggy skies of Chult, Bastionís Hold remains the home of the Last Resistance.
Jeardra Silverhand hopes to find the weakness of their occupiers and she believes that reviving the old magic is the key to their undoing.

Your ride to Valhalla.

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Potential interest, have a few questions before deciding to apply/deciding on a concept:

-Expected posting rate?

-What do you expect the ratio of social/combat/exploration/other things there'll be roughly?

-Does it matter if a character has a similar class/archetype as current characters, and if so what are the taken classes?

-Race restrictions in effect for Bladesinger and Battlerager?

-UA Mystic class fall under the game's theme?

-Any other themes to consider? High flying action? Mystery? Sci fi? Is this game intended to be gritty underdogs with a high chance of death, a tale of heroes triumphing with little chance of death?

Thanks in advanced.

Posting rate is usually 2-3 times a week. The game will be 85% social with skill challenges with an occasional encounter.
I don't mind if there are similar characters if they are interesting.
No race restrictions on those archetypes.
The game will have gritty moments but overall a story about the heroes. The theme is a high fantasy steampunk adventure with a dark political atmosphere.
I generally try to run semilinear also.

I'd be interested in playing, but haven't done a play by post game or what the process would be to get involved.

Would you allow Gunslinger (Mercer's version or Gunpowder Codex versions?) Not a deal breaker for me at all.

Sounds like a cool, if maybe unpleasant, place this Neo WaterDeep.

Gunslinger is available. To apply, check out the forum and create a character in the Application thread. For ideas you can check out other applications.

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