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Delve and Plunder

Tomb of the Solar Queen - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (Original) + clones

Join a party to enter a strange dungeon. Explore the twisting passages, negotiate with its denizens, and fight for your life in the Tomb of the Solar Queen.

Searching for 4-6 players, starting at level one. XP for gold. New players and those unfamiliar with OD&D are especially welcome, and the system is easy to jump right in and play with.

Game Description:

What secrets lie below the ground in this heat-beaten land where the sun lingers? The stars have led you to a burial of old legend, newly uncovered by an unnatural wind on the dunes. You are the first to arrive, but others will come searching for the same treasure soon enough. Gather your hirelings, string your bows, bronze your blades, and hide your soul-shells well. Pray to your gods and mean it. You'll be trading gold for lives if you want to reach the bottom of the dungeon.

Now delve, into the Tomb of the Solar Queen.


This is an exploration of a large (40+) room dungeon. The system is GLOG, a new-player friendly B/X derivative (don't know what that means? Doesn't matter, it's simple and easy to pick up). Material for the system is freely available online, and not necessary to play the game.

I'm looking for 4-6 players, posting at least 3 times a week. You'll roll up a character, pick a class, basic equipment, name and describe your hireling, and jump right in. The game is based on XP-for-gold, and advancement is fairly fast. Each PC has a free one-time revive in the form of a soul-shell, a rare and valuable minor magic item. Resurrection is difficult, and often not worth it. Also, a dead PC's XP is split among the party. Death is a setback, but character creation is fast, so take risks and be back in the game in no time.

Interested? Roll your stats (3d6 in order) and pick from the following classes:

Barbarian: A raging warrior with an affinity for light or no armor.
Fighter: A warrior trained consummately in their weapon of choice.
Tactician: An experienced and inspiring battlefield commander.
Thief: A sticky fingered, nimble rogue in over their heads.
Wizard (warning, more resource-intensive than other classes): An orthodox spellcaster channeling powers beyond mortal comprehension.

Post below, and i'll get back to you promptly.

For those interested, I'm using a trimmed down version of the rules here.

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I can't pretend I'm not interested, Fiction. I think I'd try out a Tactician, but might go the Barbarian route.

Awesome! For class details, see here:
To avoid being overwhelmed with variant wizards, I've narrowed down an 'orthodox' spell list reminiscent of older editions, in the thread. Whenever you're ready, roll your characters, write up your hirelings (you each get one) and we'll get started before you know it.

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