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Undead heavy campaign

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Undead heavy campaign

Dark Days Ahead - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e

I am looking for 4 players to run a campaign revolving around undead. There will be a lot of grey moral area, a combat-social encounter balance, tears of sadness and, if everything goes as planned, an epic battle. Read the rules and make yourself a hero.

There isn't a profound description and background to what is happening but that's the part of the fun: you discover all of it yourself.

Game Description:

Dark Days Ahead
North of Tethyr grows restless. Rumors of undead roaming the land are more and more often heard in capital. Not being deaf to cry of the people queen Anais I Rhindaun gathered a group of adventurers to investigate and prevent incoming threat if necessary.

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I would have applied for this Lish if I hadn't just got invited to two new games. I am a sucker for Forgotten Realms gams and would love to do an undead heavy campaign. Maybe next time!

Originally Posted by Joneser View Post
I am new to this forum and have very little 3.5 experience. Would I still be able to join?
Of course! If you have any questions about the game write them in Q & A thread or PM me.

No deadlines so far, but I'm planning to make one once there are more applications


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