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Welcome to the Tavern Between Worlds

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Welcome to the Tavern Between Worlds

The Tavern Between Worlds - Forum

Welcome everyone to The Tavern Between Worlds, if you followed or missed the discussion thread around this game, a few months back, and have not yet had the chance to take a peak and throw in your hand at creating a 15th level TRISTALT character for Pathfinder, a system notorious for low level play, even here on the epic weave, then this add is for you!

We are looking for new recruits as progress has become slower, due to our limited beta recruiting phase. We have seen the need for expansion for a while now and I have just cleared my plate enough to cast the net once more, all be it to a far more broad audience.

While players are always welcome, we are also looking for experimental/courageous members to join our GM side. We have cookies...or er...rather we have a generous incentive program.

Either way we are in need of new blood and look forward to your applications both as GMs (Send us a PM) and Players (Check out the Forum for the Application, Setting and Rules Thread).

The Tavern Between Worlds is a Co-GM game which takes place in a centralized location (The Tavern) where Players join games as Posted Missions/Quests. These games are shorter term than most campaigns, serving more as Adventure Paths and One Shots, intended to be more episodic in nature. Feel free to join or peruse the forum at your leisure and we look forward to running games for you in the near future.

~Beyond The Pale (BTP)

Game Description:

Welcome to the Tavern Between Worlds, a demi plane where travelers from all across the multi-verse gather and accept missions of the greatest importance. Some cosmic, some localized, but all require a wide variety of special skills...do you have what it takes to be a Traveler?

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Originally Posted by Althrion View Post
I think this is intended to be an ongoing recruitment without a player limit and application date. As long as we have players and enough GMs to run games, everyone can come and play.
Yes that is the benefit of this sort of game...as well as the crux...we are in desperate need of as many GMs as possible...so if you are up to the task, feel free to message one of the current GMs and let us know. We can help give you a run down of expectations and discuss any further details that may be necessary regarding our GM Incentive Program. All you need is a minimum of 1 year on the weave and 1,000 posts...exceptions can be made for high post rates (above 3 posts a day). I know it may sound counter intuitive to risk being too picky here, but we need to attempt to mitigate our odds of GM atrophy as much as possible. This sort of game can take chances on the players, as there should be plenty in the long run over time, but GMs...we are scarce and even I have the real world breathing down my neck and keeping me busy a lot of the time. So I understand how it goes here...

sorry, I tend to over explain some things from time to time

giving this a wee little bump...got quite a few more apps, looking for one or two prospective GMs

You've finally lost BTP, this is madness! ...I wish I had time to be a part of it!

Wow BTB! Good to see you return to the forum. This game's a bit too high in the power level for me. But cool to see ya round!


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