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M&M 2nd ed

Noticed a line in dodge focus that said "Your total defense bonus (including your dodge bonus) is limited by the campaigns power level."

so if im PL7 and assuming no trade offs, does this mean that even if I take improved defense 2x that I can only gain +7 dodge from it and can add this to a 7 defense I already have for a 24? Or can I only have a +7 to defense for a 17 and im wasting points?

OR am I conflating the total defense action with 'defense total' barring taking special actions like total defense cause of this wording?


OR am I conflating the total defense action with 'defense total' barring taking special actions like total defense cause of this wording?
Basically this. Total Defense is a special action that allows you to momentarily "break" PL limits, so Improved Defense x2 should give you the full +7 (possibly even the full +8, if the GM is willing).

You're not really breaking the PL caps since you're giving up all your offense for the boost in defense, so you can think of it as a sort of temporary tradeoff.

Pig - I thought so. Thanks for confirmation.

I'd like some clarifications on the Pathfinder feat Huntmaster. It says "You gain a +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Knowledge (nature) checks with creatures of that type of animal. Furthermore, you are treated as one level higher when determining the abilities of your animal companion or mount, as long as it is of the chosen type."
Is that just for the abilities like Evasion and Devotion, or does it affect everything about the companion? HD, BAB, number of feats, etc.

I don't see any restrictions, and honestly, one level higher on a mount or Animal Companion doesn't really scream overpowered (except maybe at very early levels where an extra HD can mean quite a bit). I'd assume it's everything.

MnM 2e

If I use animate object on an object that already has abilities, does it still have those abilities and whatever amount of power points I give it? Or do I have to incorporate those abilities into the total pp im doling out to this animated minion?

ex: Animate pistol blast 4.

One more quick Pathfinder question. The feat Charge Through states this:
When making a charge, you can attempt to overrun one creature in the path of the charge as a free action. If you successfully overrun that creature, you can complete the charge. If the overrun is unsuccessful, the charge ends in the space directly in front of that creature.

Can a cavalier take it and use the benefits while mounted? Or do I need to give the mount the Charger archetype so it can take the feat itself?

I don't know how you give a beast the 'charger archetype", but it would seem ludicrous to me if a cavalier could not benfit from that feat while aboard his mount, a horse being more fit to overrun a foe than a human sized two footed creature.

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