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Animal Companions and Familiars have archetypes specific to them. Charger is one for companions.

So there's no reason I shouldn't be able to use this feat while mounted. Good.

@Shozurei. Worst Case Scenario: Just take the Trample feat. Charge Through allows an Overrun as a free action as part of a charge, Trample allows you to use Overrun on a mount (no feat required to use a mount to charge)


How thick of an area can I get with 'alchemical cement' per application? It's vague about the results and im trying to build a 'jello mold' style trap where a bunch of grenade like objects fall from the cieling into a room with a sand and alchemic powder floor and mixes with water and then over the course of a minute you're pinned due to pressure and then solidified in place.

Was mixing it with 10 applications of impact foam per 10 foot squared ; 1 use of foaming power + 1 gallong of water per 50 cubic feet. But the cement doesn't have the specifics for me...

D&D 3.5

During combat, does a character have to be in the same square as an item to pick it up, or can it be in an adjacent square?

Originally Posted by Jeeper View Post
D&D 3.5

During combat, does a character have to be in the same square as an item to pick it up, or can it be in an adjacent square?
You can typically interact directly (which includes picking up) with items or objects within your reach. The usual reach is 5 feet. If you can reach an enemy in an adjacent square, you should be able to pick up an object in an adjacent square.

Scrolls and Spells per Day

D&D 3.5

For a wizard, does using a scroll(s) he made--or found--count against the spells he can cast per day? As an example, say the wizard can cast Magic Missile only once at 1st-level and he has already cast it normally for that day, if he has 1 or more scrolls with the Magic Missile spell, can he still cast them from reading the scroll?

Nope. Casting from a scroll consumes the scroll, rather than one of your prepared spells.

Naturally, this means that scrolls can be used to keep going far longer than you might otherwise be able. They also give you a lot of versatility, because you can have bags full of different scrolls, far more so than you can prepare spells. However, they cost gold, which is used up when you use the scrolls. They also have lower DCs and typically lower caster levels. The best spells for scrolls are utility spells you don't always need to know (like See Invisibility, Remove Paralysis or Knock), spells which work well even at low caster levels, and spells which either don't allow a save (maybe because they are buffs or utility spells) or the save isn't that important (like Ray of Enfeeblement, Entangle or Web).

The same is true of potions and wands, but both are more expensive (wands are cheaper per use, but you get 50 uses of the same spell).

Pathfinder question. The trait Enduring Mutagen states this:
The bonuses and penalties granted by your mutagens last for 1 additional minute per alchemist level.

Does that actually mean per level? If I have 3 levels in Alchemist, does the trait give me 3 extra minutes? Or just one extra minute total?

If you"re a lvl3 alchemist, enduring mutagen will indeed grant you 3 extra minutes duration, for a total duration of 11mn per level.

OTOH, I'm basing myself solely on what data you put in your post, I don't remember where Enduring Mutagen is from, so I can't check it out in the books

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