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The 2017 Deadpool

The 2017 Deadpool

So! Happy New Year, everyone. What better way to kick things off than by betting on which of our favorite celebrities might die. Morbid? Tacky? Possibly in bad taste? Yes, yes, and definitely. But we're a community who thrive off worse through RPGs, so this might be a nice change of pace.

I'm changing the rules up a bit for this one. And because I won 2016 I will not be participating this year.

To start off with, everybody picks 10 people. That much remains unchanged. It can be anyone you want, as long as they are relatively famous. Remember, this isn't anyone you necessarily want to see die, so much as people you think will die. Feel free to pick the same people as someone else. Fictional characters are allowed, but max one per person.

For each death you get correct, you will be awarded a certain number of points. The base is 10 for each person, plus an additional number based on how old they were when they died. (100 - their age)

I'll be keeping track of points in this main post here.

I'll accept entries up until the end of January. After that, we begin the waiting game. Winner gets bragging rights and the ability to host next year's Deadpool. In the event of a tie, an arbitrary tiebreaker game will be held.

Hoping to see a few more people involved this year! Good luck, and have fun!

Wow, this is grim. Oh what the heck, I suck at gambling, so let me put my bad luck to good use!

1. Stan Lee
2. Ed Asner
3. Ernie Hudson
4. Patrick Stewart
5. K.A. Applegate
6. Sigourney Weaver
7. Meryl Streep
8. Glenn Close

Aaaaand, a couple of long shots

9. Michael Bay
10. Dakota Fanning

So I'll start with the obvious ones.

1. Maggie Smith
2. Ian McKellan
3. Betty White
4. Keith Richards
5. Queen Elizabeth
6. Stan Lee

Now I'm going to move into some long shots and bold predictions

7. Harrison Ford
8. Bart Starr
9. Paul McCartney

And now, because nobody said we had to go with real people...I give you the one famous fictional character I think we'll see get killed off this year.

10. Luke Skywalker

Yes, I'm betting on Kylo Ren killing Skywalker at the end of the next movie.

I can dig fictional characters. Though I think I'm going to add a "Max one fictional character per person" clause.

Can you make that clause say something about relative familiarity please? If we can use fictional characters, I'd like to see it be limited to those that are pretty popular and not some d-list obscurity in a book maybe 3 people have read.

That was the idea behind the "relatively famous" clause I had already included. The way I see it, this little event is relatively informal so it's safe to go with the intent behind the words rather than their literal way they were written.


1. Brian Blessed
2. Stan Lee
3. Keith Richards
4. George RR Martin
5. Chuck Berry ( I know, I know, I thought he was dead too)
6. Willie Nelson
7. Jerry Lee Lewis
8. Willard Scott
9. Wilford Brimley
10. Anthony Daniels

I didn't realize Brian Blessed was still around. Outstanding!
Going with mostly the same list as last time. I don't think there's anyone there that is all that unknown.

1 Colin Baker
2 Queen Elizabeth
3 Danny Glover
4 Malcolm McDowell
5 George Takei
6 Kim Jyun Un
7 Sylvester McCoy
8 Lee Majors
9 Nichelle Nichols
10 Barbara Bush

OK, 1/2 my list is the same as last year.


ok , here is my deadpool list. Only one guy on this list I wouldn't mind dying. I'll leave you with that

1. Macauley Culkin
2. Queen Elisabeth
3. Robert Downey Jr.
4. Lindsey Lohan
5. Stephen Hawking
6. James Comey
7. John Madden
8. Ryan O'neil
9. Louis Anderson
10. Michael j. fox

I changed my entry seeing as this isn't final until the end of January. Added Bart Starr, removing Paul Stanley.


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