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Genesys Dice

Genesys Dice

Just wondering if there is any interest for adding the custom dice for Genesys on the site. If so, I have wrangled up a collection of dice images with symbols for use. I've attached a small sample of individual images for review (size, quality, etc.). I'll even write up a conversion table for the author if not familiar with the system. Thanks.
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In addition to the conversion table, can you also write up any special rules with rolling the dice?

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
In addition to the conversion table, can you also write up any special rules with rolling the dice?
I sure can! This is based on the similar Star Wars dice system (also from FFG). The trickiest part is how the symbols cancel each other out, but since that functionality was not included in the Star Wars dice here I can assume it won't be done for this (?). Otherwise, let me know. I'll do my best to get you everything you need, and I'll zip all the icons together once somebody officially approves (they look a little large on my screen, but that just may be my settings?)

This chart should help, but let me know if you need something more concise. I shall return.
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Dice reference
NameSidesColorOpposed by

In a nutshell, the dice are gathered into a dice pool representing positive and negative factors in the game. The dice generate diametrically opposed symbols that cancel out one another to produce three results in any combination: success or failure, advantage or threat (or neither), and triumph or despair (or neither or both).

You must have at least one success symbol showing, or else it is a failure.

Triumph adds one success, which can be cancelled by a regular failure. Despair adds one failure, which can cancel a success. Triumph and Despair cannot be cancelled and can both appear as simultaneous results. The success and failure generated by these symbols can be cancelled as normal.

There shouldn't be anything more to it than that, and that's only if you're considering making the results cancel each other automatically. A nice feature, to be sure, but I'm not the one having to program it. Questions?

Size comparison test

Looking at the various sizes, I'm leaning towards the smaller versions for several reasons. Space and file size, of course. But also ensuring usability; no point if the symbols are unreadable because images are too small. I'd like to go with Small (50 x 50) or Medium (75 x 75), but I don't want to make that decision on my own based on my own viewing experience (monitor size, font size setting, etc). Maybe I'm overthinking it. I hope someone might weigh in with their perspective.

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I am very interested. Genesys is my favorite system. I can use SW dice if necessary, but having the generics would be awesome. I think the symbols are more intuitive.

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