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Trying to use Beastfolk in Pathfinder

Trying to use Beastfolk in Pathfinder

Hello! Sable here. My issue is this; in creating an adventure/world, I have decided Beastfolk would be a neat addition. The issue is, I need some ideas and racial bonus ideas to make the races more believable. Here are some things I'm tweaking/working on.

Elephantfolk Traits
Excellent Memory: Among Beastkin, some Elephantfolk are renowned for their ability to remember things others wouldn't. Receiving a +2 Racial bonus on knowledge checks on two skills of their choice and those skills are considered trained.

Tusks: Some Elephantfolk have been known to grow unusually large tusks, gaining a melee attack that does 1D4 Piercing damage, this is a natural attack.

Wolfkin Traits
Scent: With strong ties to their animalistic traits some wolfkin have the Scent ability.

Bite attack: With fangs that can rip into the flesh of their foes, some Wolfkin in desperation use their teeth in self defense Bite Attack 1D4 Slashing damage, this is a natural attack.

Keen Hearing: Some Wolfkin hone their senses so that they can hear quite well, and have a +5 Racial bonus on perception checks to hear noises or listen to conversations

I would like to come up with racial traits like this for a bunch of different animal types, The easier ones are just reflavorings of Tengu, and simple adoption of catfolk, ratfolk, grippli, and kobolds into this group.

The other potential ones are; Boar, Bear, Rhino, Hippo, Owl, Fox, Deer/moose, Bat, raccoon, skunk, otter, badger, etc.., I could perhaps even just tell players that I can help them build a beastfolk race as well.

Would love to hear your thoughts and receive your feedback thanks!

I'm guessing that you don't have the Hybrid Blood supplement(3rd party product). Hybrid Blood is not only an excellent resource to customize and make your beastfolk of all kinds, but it also has an impressive system for hybridization to allow many half-breeds of all kind.

And no this product isn't about Furry fetish.

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