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The Lost Clockwork Citadel

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The Lost Clockwork Citadel

The Lost Clockwork Citadel - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

As you sail across the ocean towards Ardune and the start of your next job your mind wanders back to where it all began...

A memory

You push open the door to see a middle-aged tiefling woman sitting behind an oak desk, her slightly talon-like fingers drumming against the wood. She glances up at you and the drumming stops.

"Ah. You look to have some potential. So many assistant pigkeepers and shopkeepers' sons and orphaned half-elves today. Please, sit." She gestures towards the sturdy-looking chair before her. As you step across the creaking floorboards and take your seat, she looks at you with calculating golden eyes.

"So. Let me guess. You want to live a life of adventure?" she asks, her eyes challenging you to answer truthfully.

I'm looking for five PCs to play in a campaign running from levels 3 to 20.

For the past decade, I've been playing a series of forum games in which the PCs play as deities and jointly construct a world. A few years ago, I put together the best elements of many of those games, tweaked them, fleshed out some connective tissue and created my own setting. I've been continually running a campaign set in the world ever since and I'm ready to start another!

Please ask any questions you may have below or in the relevant thread on the forum!

Game Description:

Background: The Tarnished, a once proud race of sentient lifeforms, have reached a critical point in their time on Yrie. Without the rediscovery of the means by which they can repair their sophisticated systems and create new Tarnished, their scholars predict that within thirty years the rate of irrevocable failures among their kind will begin to rise exponentially and within fifty years the last of them will grind to a halt.

In the southern reaches of the continent of Ardune the discovery of a lost Gem City, once inhabited by the Tarnished but abandoned years later, brings new hope for every new piece of ancient technology may be the key to the species' survival. Yet there are others in the world who watch these events with alarm or avarice. Those who wish to see the Tarnished destroyed forever and those who wish to enslave them once again. Their voices, greedy or fearful, whisper the original name of the Tarnished to one another, a name which speaks to their true and original purpose:


But as you sail towards Ardune to meet with the representatives of the Tarnished team which discovered the lost city, your mind is not thinking about the world-shaking implications of your commission but instead remembering back to when you were sitting in Vanca on the shores of Lake Moraine, tapping your foot impatiently and looking around the simple room and at the motley crew of individuals sitting on benches or lounging against the walls. It was hard to imagine that all of these people saw the same ad as you did, a call to join the 'Loremasters.'

Why were you there? Was it the amount of gold promised on the flyer? Was it the chance to find the relics of history for preservation? Was it the organization itself and the rumors your grandfather would share with you about the lost glories of the Loremasters and their hidden libraries of vast knowledge? Were you simply bored and craved adventure?

Whatever the reason, your name is being called. It is time to join the Loremasters, and discover how you will shape the world of Yrie forever.

Game Style: Exploration and world-traveling will feature heavily in this campaign, although players will regularly return to their 'home base' in the newly rediscovered city of Amethyst. In terms of style, expect a standard blend of combat and roleplay

Expectations on Posting: The ability to post regularly, at least every other day is strongly preferred. PCs and DMs in a PbP need to rely on each other to keep the plot moving, and being able to post regularly helps a lot. Obviously, things come up, but the development of a pattern where one PC is holding up the game for everyone else will result in that player being asked to leave.

Player Expectations: I am looking for people who share some fundamental beliefs about TTRPGs:

1. Party unity and game 'flow' are more important than your 'perfect' character - This is a shared, group activity. Its success is dependent upon your ability to craft and play a character that is malleable enough that they can bend and flow with most group decisions. If this mentality is shared by the entire party, serious conflicts are unlikely. While some tensions can exist between PCs, they shouldn't derail the plot or be unilaterally decided by a single player.

2. The show must go on - Campaigns work when players realize that there is a joint responsibility to make them work. In PbP, this is especially true. We all need one another engaged in playing their character to keep the campaign fun and entertaining. The group needs 4-5 personalities to drive the campaign, not three personalities and an emotionless stat-block!

3. The campaign world is still growing - This is the second time this campaign setting is being used, and as a result, there's a lot of white space and leeway for players to influence the histories and relationships of the world, especially on the continent of Ardune, which is being explored for the first time. If you have an interesting idea which isn't explicitly mentioned in the campaign background information... ask about it!

The Campaign Setting:
For about ten years, first on the WotC forums and then here on Mythweavers, I have been involved in (and for 7 years GMed) a series of PbP games in which the players play as gods and, together, create a world. Taking the best gods, races, artifacts, heroes and stories from that time, we have created a campaign setting that we believe will be a lot of fun to play in.

Please take a look at the game forum for more information on the world, including several homebrewed races that are options for PCs. In overall feel, the world is somewhere between Forgotten Realms' Toril and Dark Sun's Athas. Horrible events in the past have brought low a number of nations, races and organizations and the campaign is set in the period where many of these groups are finally finding their feet again.

Character Creation:
The Campaign Information section also includes information about races, nations and the gods for those looking for help building their backgrounds or for homebrewed options.

Please ensure your application includes a full character sheet with all of the nuts and bolts of your character clearly listed.

Character Applications, and application information can be found HERE

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