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Star Was: Scoundrels (got room for 1 more space pirate!)

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Star Was: Scoundrels (got room for 1 more space pirate!)

Star Wars: Scoundrels - Forum
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I'm only allowing max of 1 Force User & that spot is still open!

Got a couple awesome alternative concept ideas on the Group OOC (Cantina) also! Including a bald Woomie named Grozjow or a hybridization concept between one of the worm aliens from Men in Black taking the place of The Krang riding inside the powersuit (similar to in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concept).

Or come up with your own Star Wars character concept based on the Star Wars universe concept. See game forum for linked Resources.

Not much time left before we launch the game so hurry up.

GURPS 4th edition rules & some House Rules
350 point total
-100 disads, plus -5 Quirks
Split TL (Base of TL10, but armor at TL9, weapons TL11, but pending GM approvals)
Taboos: No armor over DR50, only force users can have lightsabers or force swords.
Questions? Just ask in Apps or recruiting on game forum.

Game Description:

Characters STATS:
Total Points: 350
Disadvantages: -100
Quirks: -5
TL: 11

Looking for 4-6 players for a Pirate Crew of the Jolly Rodger! Force powers are exceedingly rare so I'm only going to allow max of 1 player character to have any force abilities...but I am fine if none of the crew have any force powers also. I just will not allow more than 1...otherwise it defies the universal concept that force abilities are very very rare. Even having 1 force user among such a small crew is already beating the odds! We are talking perhaps 1 out of billions!, once the 1st force user is accepted I will not make any other exceptions... And knowing many will probably want to compete for that spot... I am willing to make it a contest. All applicants, other than the applicants competing for the spot of force user, may vote for their favorite force user concept! Whoever gets the most votes shall win the spot. Best force using concept wins. I'm looking for neutral or dark concepts...not light concepts for reasons below. So, if I must overrule the decision for that reason I will... I will not allow a light force user concept to win over a nuetral or dark concept for this particular role. They will be a pirate after all! Cannot be pure as the driven snow or some Johnny-Do-good type. Title of this game is Star Wars: Scoundrels for a reason! YOU will be the SCOUNDREL! All characters in this game ARE scoundrels. If you do not want to be a scoundrel then this is not the game you were looking for, move along. I want to see character flaws please. I want deep & insightful yet flawed characters...those who might be expected to be space pirates... No saints, martyrs or social justice warriors! Bad-ass dirty rotten scoundrels only need apply.

The game will be set hundreds of years after the deaths of all known Star Wars characters from any movie, TV, comics, etc... And I do not want the typical light/dark Force exists but all Force sensitive/adept characters are exceedingly rare & light versus dark exists but most who use force in this timeline are usually fairly neutral or dark rather than light. Light Force Users are rarest of all in this timeline. I'm saying the empire & the rebels nearly wipe each other out, the empire still exists though & is trying desperately to regain a foot hold on its former power & territories, but they are very weakened, shattered, & out gunned. A quasi free for all of corporate enterprises, smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, & bounty hunters struggle for dominance, wealth & power. I want a darker more mature themed Star Wars game, not the family friendly Muppet show of old. LOL. Jar Jar Binks was butchered long ago, Bar-B-Qued & eaten! LOL. I'm going to name the game "Star Wars: Scoundrels". According to the Star Wars timeline of ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) our game will start at year 313 ABY. I'm not going to want to get all crazy with the various calendars, various hours/day, days of the week, month, etc. Probably for the sake of convenience I will say we are using same 24/hr/day, 7day/week, 30day/month, 12 month/year with same names, just because. Therefore we will say January 1st, 313 ABY. Unless any players object to that or want to be the official time/calendar keepers? LOL. I do not want to get bogged down with all that. However, I'm willing to relinquish time keeper role to a player if any Star Wars fans out there wish to take on the role of being time keeper to stick to traditional Star Wars themed hours/days/weeks/months/etc. Far too much for me on the other mechanics & world concept side of things I think. Far as money & trade, I will be having all the old traditional Star Wars currencies in circulation, but after the collapse of most of those systems, due to the wars, now a new Intergalactic Corporate Cred is used (IGCC). Instead of the symbol $ for dollars, we will use before the numbers & optional capital letter after to signify larger quantities of creds such as G for thousands, M for millions, B for Billions, T for trillions, Q for quadrillions, etc. Example, 50M signifies 50,000,000 creds. That will be the newest & most universally excepted currency in the known galaxies for my game. I want the group to be a pirate/bounty hunter crew.

I'll simplify things with my own House Rules for ship combat also.
I'm thinking of using the official rules as a guide or starting point though. I figure things that matter for ships are...
Maneuverability Rating (MR):
Force Shields (Y/N):
-Ablative/Recharge Rate:
(Force shield have potential to be overwhelmed)
Hyper/Jump Drive:
Skeleton Crew:
Max load weight:
Any special features:

There will also be House Rules provided for any would be lone Force User.

Hey LordDoom, if you need another player, I love to play crime bosses and the like. I'd be happy to play a human kingpin .

Please keep in mind I am brand new and have never played this system before. Is this a play by post or voice game?

Originally Posted by OneShotPaddy View Post
Hey LordDoom, if you need another player, I love to play crime bosses and the like. I'd be happy to play a human kingpin .

Please keep in mind I am brand new and have never played this system before. Is this a play by post or voice game?
Sure! I've got links to resources in the forum for GURPS 4th edition rules & so forth. You can whip up a character or take over one of our existing characters that the player has left the game or gone MIA. Your choice. I'll need to give final approval on any new concepts & we would need to also come up with a way to introduce your character to the Krew. You would also need to roleplay to convince Captain Kron to accept you into his Krew.


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