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Old Deleted Sheet?

Old Deleted Sheet?

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Relevant Links: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1503777

Message: Is there a way to bring back an old deleted sheet that no longer appears in my trash? The link is above.


Do you perhaps know when it might've been soft-deleted? This would require digging through backups and without a time frame I wouldn't know which backup to begin looking in. Perhaps an insensitive question but... how important was it / time consuming would it be to redo it? Going through the backups is not a quick affair.

Well it would have been done when pretty close to when Dalamb's game Letter of Marque was initially archived (it was recently just un-archived). The game has a number of special house rules so it would make my life much easier if the sheet were to be restored. But I certainly don't want to cause you or anyone else a great deal of work to hunt down the backups. I wasn't sure if it was the sort of thing that could be done in just a minute or two. So no worries about not restoring it!


If I may chime in, the sheet should be complete between April 12th and August 9th 2018.
I have no idea when it got deleted, though.

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