Looking good. Nice work.

The only issue (a minor one) I have is with this:

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Secret of Survival

At 6th level, you learn the discipline of the kobold and goblin, which are survivors. When you fail a saving throw, you may spend 3 ki points as a reaction to re-roll the saving throw.
Kobolds and goblins don't feel "lucky" to me - at least not in the way that Halflings are meant to be. Re-rolling a save feels "lucky" to me.

Maybe this feature grants the goblin's Fury of the Small or Nimble Escape instead. Or it might emulate the 4E Kobold in that the Monk can use a reaction (plus Ki Points, perhaps) to move up to her speed (or half of it) when another creature comes to within 5 feet of her, the movement not provoking opportunity attacks.