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The Tomb of Horrors

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The Tomb of Horrors

The Tomb of Horrors - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Greyhawk 3.5e

Every now and then I get an itch to run this classic module. The time has come once more. This is primarily a dungeon crawl with little story, but I do appreciate RP, and I try to breathe life into the module. So, do you have what it takes to face one of, if not the, hardest modules of all time?

Game Description:

"In the far reaches of the world, under a lost and lonely hill, lies the sinister Tomb of Horrors. Terrible traps, strange and ferocious monsters, rich and magical treasures, and an evil demilich fill this labyrinthine crypt. The original version of this module was first used for the official ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® tournament at Origins I in 1974. Next it was published as Dungeon Module S1 in 1981 using the 1st edition rules. The module was later expanded in Return to the Tomb of Horrors in 1998 using the 2nd edition rules. However, the original tomb was never actually updated—it was reprinted as it originally saw print. Now, twenty-one years after its first appearance, the original module is finally being updated to the latest incarnation of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® rules (3.5)." - Official 3.5 Update 2005

This module requires pro-active players who think critically.

Childcare sometimes prevents daily posting. Will still try.
A comprehensive rules post in the game forms should answer those, and many more questions. 9th level characters, official sources. Feel free to post questions to clarify in the appropriate places.

One of my early play by post games was a 4e adaptation of this... Unfortunately it didn't get far. Maybe I can try again knowing more and knowing more editions than I did then...

Hey @evedgebah - Nice to see you got another game going up! Never actually played this model but might take a gander at what you have in the thread itself. Anyone who doesn't know Eve, very good DM!

Thanks, flattery will not get you a free pass

I would never expect it to. That would not be the Eve that I know, love, and grumble about between posts.. I mean.. enjoying gaming with. *cough*

I did post my " Lawful Evil" DM warning.

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