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Worlds Apart - A Final Fantasy Adventure

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Worlds Apart - A Final Fantasy Adventure

Final Fantasy D6: Worlds Apart - Forum
Final Fantasy D6

Game Description:

~ Final Fantasy ~
Worlds Apart

It had been a short run, shorter than most in this field and yet here you were – all of you – standing under a red sky in the blood soaked-soil of the Cartaneau Flats. Around you battles flair as the grand alliance fights in a desperate hope of pushing back the Garlean Empire …

It’s the final night, the final battle, the final event before the servers go dark maybe forever. The producers say it will return, a world reborn with new hope, and much needed mechanical overhauls. You and the thousands of other players who take part in this final event, however, are skeptical … most MMOs that go down don’t come back up, and while it had its flaws, you really did like this game.

As the clock ticks down the finale event continues minute after minute brings new surprises but none are wholly unexpected – save one. The music swells, and a white light surges from your monitor a roar – far too realistic – is heard from all around you echoing in your small play space …

Then – nothing.


When you open your eyes, you find yourself no longer in the dim confines of your home, but basking in the light of a new day. Birds and insects chirp and buzz around you, a slight breeze rustles the autumn colored leaves around you. The air smells clean, cleaner than any you have ever smelled and life seemingly sparks around you. Sitting up you see a dazzling blue ocean far below the cliff you sit on, fishing boats and ships – somehow strange and familiar – dot the ocean near the horizon.

As you survey your strange surroundings your tail flicks … wait TAIL!?


Final Fantasy ~ Worlds Apart is a Final Fantasy themed d6 game with a “trapped in another world” theme. Your characters are just that, the characters you played in the original Final Fantasy XIV before the two-year hiatus that led to the events of A Realm Reborn. You don’t know why you are trapped as your characters, how many others are out there, or if you are even in the game. In the end all you know is that there is a world before you that is both intimately familiar and unknown.


As stated, this uses the Final Fantasy d6 system – which a link to can be found above – and while stats, jobs, etc are not limited to FFXIV analogues the races will be. Also given that this is taking place between the end of FFXIV and FFXIV:ARR the expansion races from Heavensword onward will not be playable … but may show up as NPCs as you explore Eorzea.

Applications are simple enough: Create a character and give at least three sentences of background for your player/character.

About the Game Master:

I am a 20-year RPG player and Game Master with the majority of my experience being in d20 and d6 (WEG) based systems. I have run immersive (free-form) forum and Yahoo Group games in the past and several d20 Modern campaigns on RPG Network. This will be my first foray as a GM on Myth-Weaver.

I have been playing Final Fantasy games since the original Final Fantasy on the NES. I have, however, only ever beaten Final Fantasy 1, 2, 8, 9 and Dimensions 1. I have been a dirty casual on Primal – Famfrit Server/World for several years as a Arcanist/Scholar named Astarra and already have Stormbringers pre-ordered.

While I have read over the Final Fantasy d6 book several times and have even created “test” characters, this will be my first time using it in the field.

May the Power Protect You, Always

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Giving it two weeks from launch date. I may extend if there is a chance we may get more players.

Lemme review this version of the game. XD

If it's the one I think it is, I was in one before that fell through shortly in, so never got much chance to really do it. I'll update you if interest holds.

interest holds. ^^ I may come in with a Samurai, though I'll have to work out a different race and info bit.

Monday is the closing not applications. I'm rather sick today so I didn't get around to making the announcement in the game forum.

Do we become the character that our player created in game? By that I mean, if my real world person made a Miqo'te, do they become that Miqo'te in game?

Originally Posted by TheMCBookworm View Post
Do we become the character that our player created in game? By that I mean, if my real world person made a Miqo'te, do they become that Miqo'te in game?

You would share the race and sex of your character, however, you're personality would remain your own.

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