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Dragonlance Adventures

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Hail, and well met, traveler. Surely your journey here hasn't been as long or as fraught with danger as my own? For we find ourselves in danger, our lands in peril, our lives doomed by the breath of a timeless evil. But hope is not washed out! We shall all bask in the glory of the defeat of this evil once our saviors arrive!

And that, my friends, is why we are here. To think that our meeting is but random chance is folly. I am a messenger, seeking brave souls to help in the fight; you are an adventurer, looking to make a name for yourself. This cannot be coincidence! We were destined to find and meet one another; fate pulled her strings to put us both here so that we may enjoin ourselves to a common goal...

I am looking for 4-5 people for what I hope to be a very long-running campaign on Krynn. That's right - I am aiming to run a Dragonlance campaign, specifically into and through the War of the Lance. We are going to start at 1st level with Knight's Sword, diving into Flint's Axe, and then running from Dragons of Despair through Dragons of Triumph. At least, that's what I'm hoping to accomplish.

I'd like players who understand the difference between ROLL and ROLE, as well as knowing when each is appropriate for the game. We are all here to have fun, and I'm usually pretty loose with what can happen in a game. But there are times where we have to play a ROLE, while at times we need to ROLL to get help with mechanics. I'd rather ROLE over ROLL, but it's important to understand that both are important.

I am not going to press or push this one; I want things to run smoothly for everyone. To that end, I'm expecting a post rate of 2 times per week. If you post more than this, I will respond more often. But we have to establish some kind of rate, otherwise the game dies. And I don't want that. I truly want this game to succeed.

The rules for creating a character are in this thread. The house rules for this game are in this thread. And all character applications should go in this folder.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please either use this advertisment OR the OOC Thread.

I will leave this advertisement open until May 22, at which point I'll select the characters and we'll get started. I reserve the right to extend that if there are a lot of apps still in progress, as well as ending this early in the event we've gotten all the completed apps we'll get.

Game Description:

Hear the sage as his song descends
like heaven’s rain or tears,
and washes the years, the dust of the many stories
from the High Tale of the Dragonlance.
For in ages deep, past memory and word,
in the first blush of the world
when the three moons rose from the lap of the forest,
dragons, terrible and great
made war on this world of Krynn.

Yet out of the darkness of dragons,
out of our cries for light
in the blank face of the black moon soaring,
a banked light flared in Solamnia,
a knight of truth and of power,
who called down the gods themselves
and forged the mighty Dragonlance, piercing the soul
of dragonkind, driving the shade of their wings
from the brightening shores of Krynn.

Thus Huma, Knight of Solamnia,
Lightbringer, First Lancer,
followed his light to the foot of the Khalkist Mountains,
to the stone feet of the gods,
to the crouched silence of their temple.
He called down the Lancemakers, he took on
their unspeakable power to crush the unspeakable evil;
to thrust the coiling darkness
back down the tunnel of the dragon's throat.

Paladine, the Great God of Good
shone at the side of Huma,
strengthening the lance of his strong right arm,
and Huma, ablaze in a thousand moons,
banished the Queen of Darkness,
banished the swarm of her shrieking hosts
back to the senseless kingdom of death, where their curses
swooped upon nothing and nothing
deep below the brightening land.

Thus ended in thunder the Age of Dreams
and began the Age of Might,
When Istar, kingdom of light and truth, arose in the east,
where minarets of white and gold
spired to the sun and to the sun's glory,
announcing the passing of evil,
and Istar, who mothered and cradled the long summers of good,
shone like a meteor
in the white skies of the just.

Yet in the fullness of sunlight
the Kingpriest of Istar saw shadows:
At night he saw the trees as things with daggers, the streams
blackened and thickened under the silent moon.
He searched books for the paths of Huma
for scrolls, signs, and spells
so that he, too, might summon the gods, might find
their aid in his holy aims,
might purge the world of sin.

Then came the time of dark and death
as the gods turned from the world.
A mountain of fire crashed like a comet through Istar,
the city split like a skull in the flames,
mountains burst from once-fertile valleys,
seas poured into the graves of mountains,
the deserts sighed on abandoned floors of the seas,
the highways of Krynn erupted
and became the paths of the dead.

Thus began the Age of Despair.
The roads were tangled.
The winds and the sandstorms dwelt in the husks of cities,
The plains and mountains became our home.
As the old gods lost their power,
we called to the blank sky
into the cold, dividing gray to the ears of new gods.
The sky is calm, silent, unmoving.
We have yet to hear their answer.

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Just noticed it's not 3.5, Darnit.
Ignore my app then, gl with your game :})

Originally Posted by Roughtrade View Post
You can't find any reference to Goldmoon or Riverwind in Dragonlance?
Not in the 1E Dragonlance Adventures book.

Originally Posted by zpolloock View Post
can't wait to play this....maybe if I get selected
I can't wait to start running this. Just need to get to the 22nd with more than 1 finished app...

you have at least one finished app, but as we converse here, it brings it to the forefront of the ads channel


Just a little over a week before this closes.

Been a while, Scarecrow! Nice to see you.

Just saw this. Hard to resist Krynn and old-school DnD...

Although there are about 4 or so days until this officially closes, I'm going to end the application process early. No new applications have been started in several days, and with the exception of 1 outlier, all applications currently in progress are actually finished. And that outlier is going to be archived.


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