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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Website Typos and Inconsistencies

In the timeline for the "Age of Man", year 5252, it states: "The two twin brothers Zel and Or found the kingdoms of Zeland and Orland." Is "two twin" redundant?

In the races section, under Kobolds, the first sentence states: "Kobolds, are small reptilian goblinoids." I don't think a comma is necessary here.

In the Common Names of Farland section, under Kale, Men's Names, the following lines are listed twice:
Tancrede, Thierry, Turpin
Varocher, Vincent, Vivien

On the same page, in the Southern and Far Western Kelerak names section, in the women's name list, there is a name that is just jibberish.
Danielle, Diane, Dias, Do&213;a, Domenga

Same page, "On pronouncing Northern Barbarian names":
2.``AA'' and ``aa'' are pronounced as in ``awe.'' (``'' and ``'' are used North of the Kelerak Mts..)

All corrected. Thank you, and nice work.

Campaign Journal Book One - Chapter 4

He is bearing news of massing armies in the eats and wishes to warn Lord Naglor, an old friend.

Hamo managed to cut off two of the beast's fingers, one of which had a golden ring with some sort of crest on it, but was slain by the beats.

More to come if I find some.

Got it. Thanks, Anki.


faling such a test means becoming a drasp.

However, when given the choice, kobolds always prefer to eat meat over the all other sources of food.
to slow
troop movements.

and the the disgusting Solvotukan Beans,
Same page, "Drugs" section.


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