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First Characters

My first character was a Silvanesti elf wizard in a dragonlance 3.5 campaign. It was the first time for most of us (all besides the DM and one other if memory serves) and we were starting at lvl 1 in Solace. Suffice to say hilarity ensued...

The group split up and some went outside of the inn to investigate something. Can't recall what. My character thinking it would be perfectly safe inside the town decided to follow them later and was consequently attacked and almost killed by wolves. Fortunately he was barely rescued in time.

Then later we were exploring a goblin infested cave and one of the other players who had a lawful cleric of Kiri-Jolith decided that it would be a good idea he issued a loud erm... challenge (whose specifics I will not mention ) to the goblins to come face us. Yeah... A few minutes later we were with our backs to a snake filled pit and dozens of goblins between us and the exit. We tried to jump across and you can imagine how well that worked for my char. By the time they pulled him out, he had something like 2-3 STR left.

Later we met a Lammasu NPC that was fortunately friendly (as in not inclined to immediately tear our chars' spines out) until the group rogue tried stealing from it leaving my stereotypically snobbish and insular Sivanesti char to negotiate for our safe passage. Which miraculously he managed to (I guess the DM was not in the mood for a TPK at the time), but not before the rogue tried to escape by running away straight towards a banshee which we were never meant to face and died instantly.

Unfortunately, we stopped shortly thereafter and never played this particular campaign again which was a shame because with such great decision making from all of us I suspect it would have made for excellent comedy

Ah, first characters... That takes me back. It also reminds me what an idiot I was back then.

My first table-top character was, more or less, a DnD 3.5-built clone of Lina Inverse, with only a few modifications for the system. As far what it taught me, well... It let me get familiar enough with the system to start having fun with other character options.

I remember her very well. She was a copper dragon shaman named Aliath. She was sweet and naive. As a copper dragon shaman, she had personality traits like copper dragons. Namely, she loved jokes. But really bad ones. I went out of my way to find the dumbest jokes I could for her. It was so much fun!


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