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Shadow Stream: Personal Art Thread

Here's an update on the "Knight" image I've been working on. I'm not 100% happy with how it came out, but I learned a lot and I'm glad I'm finishing paintings.

@Burne, Thank-you.

This is a concept of the main character for a novel I am in the process of writing. I think I'm going to scrap this one as a main illustration, but keep it as a study. It is still a W.I.P. though.

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I was struck with a sudden bout of inspiration when I was invited to a Star Wars game here on MW. This is a W.I.P. of a personal character concept.

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This is just a random sketch of a post-apocalypse nomad or some such. I'll polish this one up when I get some time; it needs a lot of work.

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Here's another go at a female Duros for another player in a Star Wars SAGA RPG. I couldn't find any reference for a female of this race, but the male is quite different. I tried to smooth out features and elongate the face, but it still comes across masculine.

These all look really great Shadow!

For the female Duros, I confess I'm not familiar with the species, but if you want to make her more feminine you could try slanting the eyes a little, making the chin a little more slender, and thinning the neck. In illustrations, men's necks are usually as wide as their heads, but women are more often portrayed with thin necks, like their heads are ping-pong balls on pencils. (Well maybe not that much but you get the idea. XD)

I notice most of your drawings are guys. Most of my drawings are girls. It's very hard for me to draw men who don't look feminine--we learn from what we see, y'know? And a mirror is your only reliable model...

Shadowstalker, I really like your stuff. If you want to do any art for the World of Farland, let me know. I'd welcome you.


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