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So, here's the breakdown of what you currently get with the Bones Kickstarter:

The basic bones pledge has 168 bones figures for $100. The revealed goals bring this to 180. Plus Sophie in metal, and Mr. Bones with your order (I don't count him with the other figures because you only get him once per pledge, not per Bones order).

All optionals for Vampire and Undertaker:
An additional $170 for six giants, six dragons, two demons, three mythos monsters, two driders and a spider goddess, a remhoraz/frost wyrm, an earth elemental, a tree spirit/ent, an ettin, an ogre, and a gnoll. Including the revealed goals, this climbs to $187 to add a Jabberwock, three Tiiks, the beast of blood reef, and the sea lion.

All optionals open to everyone will cost $122 for 48 jars of paint, twenty orcs, and a 150 mini case.

Buying everything revealed (since we know we're not stopping at one million) will cost you $409. That will buy you 200 regular pieces, thirty larger pieces, 48 paint jars, and the case.

Currently, the $100 pledge nets you 150 figures, plus a metal Sophie, if you're into that.

That's a cost of about $0.67 apiece. I put my two bits in when it was much less than that, because it was a good deal- and it's only gotten better. Apparently about 4,735 other people agree with me.

Edit: That's cool about the Tesla museum- looks like it'll fund before the weekend is out.

- Logain

168, Logain.

30 of the initial goal, 36 from the dungeon attack, four fighters, four BBEGs, four elves, four dwarves, four Klocke figures, ten in the undead horde, four fire elementals, five townsfolk, five haunts, six heroes, ten initial Chronoscope figures, six IMEF marines, four devils, four dark elves, nine goblins, five NOVA figures, four zombie hunters, and ten vermin figures. That's closer to $0.60 per figure, not counting Sophie and Mr. Bones. The next two stretch goals will bring that up to 180 (seven Pathfinder figures, five pirates), for an average around $0.56 per mini.

I saw a bit on the Tesla museum as I was surfing The Oatmeal, and just figured it was one of his jokes... *hangs head in shame*

Tenra Bansho Zero: a Japanese tabletop RPG (as in, one made in Japan) that's been 7 years in the localization by one geek who lived for some time in Japan. It has layout by Luke Crane, a lot of really cool narrative mechanics, manga-based game explanations, supposedly the fastest system around, and there are hulked-out soulgem samurai.

As soon as I saw the Reaper miniatures Kickstarter, deep down I knew I would eventually pledge. Now, I finally did, even though I don't really need minis and I have no time to paint them. The deal is just too sweet, even after adding shipping, consumer taxes, import taxes and handling fees.

Will I find the strength to restrain myself from buying all the neat options?

I've been following that Reaper Miniatures kickstarter, and it's a shade more than a day left on it. Of their $30,000 goal, they've raised (currently) $2,245,000. Which is pretty insane.

Anyway, I actually tossed in some money for that vampire level, because it seems to me like a good deal on all these miniatures. Not sure what I'll actually use them for, mind you, but it seems like a solid investment. Figured I'd put it up here just so people who weren't sure if it was worth it or not could check again to decide.

Currently the Vampire level gives you 221 minis: 220 Bones Plastic, and 1 Metal Sophie for the Hundred bucks...

It's over: 3.4 million $ pledged. 3rd most successful kickstarter project ever. 240 mini's for 75 dollar (since you can exchange the metal Sophie for 25 $ of extras). Of course I couldn't resist the extras and pledged almost 250 dollar anyway...

I pledged too and now I'll have more minis than I know what to do with. I still have a bunch of Chainmail and 40k minis that are waiting for paint.


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