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MythWeaver Map Tool

MythWeaver Map Tool

Is anything happening with the map tool Myth Weavers was working on? I used to see a link to it via experimental features. Is it for only supporters to see?

It's nowhere near ready for public consumption, I'm afraid.

Community Supporters are able to make maps and test out the tools, and the maps are publicly viewable (so GMs players get the benefit, too).

There are also a few prerequisites for getting it to a usable, feature-ready state. The transition to the new sheets system must finish, first. I also need to get the games system migrated (which I'm just starting). That way, there will be a good/usable method for the mapper to get game and sheet information. The Library feature also needs to get further along so that people can manage tokens & such.

Sorry to necro this thread, but I was wondering if anything else has been done with the Map feature, and if there was a Help article explaining it's functions?

@Duskblade There's been some talk about picking it back up, but a VTT takes so much just to get it off the ground. Revisiting the idea (as in, thinking about or talking about it) is on my schedule for later in the year, but that's about it.

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