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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

No worries guys, take your time and lets use this interval to think of what to do next.

Are you planing to return to Thistletop immediately or stay a few days, or maybe you have no intention of going back there at all?
Do you want to identify the potions (and some other magical objects) that you found?
As players, do you want some downtime before we move on to the next chapter (The Skinsaw Murders) to craft things, write scrolls visit the family etc.?

We absolutely need to identify stuff if we can.
As characters I would think they would like a couple days of recuperation.
Although I hate to leave things hanging Jack would vote against going back to Thistletop but he would go if everyone else feels it is necessary.
As a player I am ready for the next chapter and thanks for consolidating that info... very helpful.

Hai'ta would want to return- his entire purpose is driven by his dreams, and those led him here. If rest of party doesn't want to return, he will vanish mysteriously in the night to go back alone and I'll roll up a new character.

Lurr would see the corruption removed from that place - its cliffs and views of the gulf would make for a great artist's commune. Just needs a sturdier bridge...

It all works for me as a player.
Besides, going back gives Jack something to moan about.
RP potentials...

To be honest, Lurr's purpose was to track down Father Tobyn's remains. She now has seen much corruption that needs to be cleaned, so that is her primary goal at this point. Lamashtu's minions are quite - contrary - to Shelyn's followers.

My character-to-be, if you should meet her before then, would definitely be amenable to aiding you at Thistletop.

Love that memorial to Art. "Noone really liked him anyway..." LOL. I guess his dead body became goblin food by now. Art would turn in his grave... if he had a grave to turn in.

Shopping list for Aldern
Studded leather armor - Jack - 25gp
Breastplate - Haitha - 200gp
Heavy wooden shield - Haitha - 7 gp

Anything else?

I believe all Lurr had to leave behind was her armor, correct? Sort of a shame to have this man purchase her replacement, when our plan is to go to back to where we left it - no armor would be as pretty as her chainmail gown anyway :-). Honestly, I (CraziFuzzy) had hoped to be able to craft something as her next evolution, but that's not really in the cards (without liquidating a ton of loot, and spending a ton of time).

Allow me to do something and update the list...

Shopping list for Aldern
Studded leather armor - Jack - 25gp
Breastplate - Hai'ta - 200gp
Heavy wooden shield - Hai'ta - 7 gp
Chainmail armor - Lurr - 150 gp
Armored kilt - Lurr - 20 gp

Total: 402 gp (of 750 gp)


Given that we can apparently spend up to 348 gp more, perhaps two of those armors should be masterwork (+150 gp each)?

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