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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings


"Jack's plan" is now described IC.

Side note: Please let me know if I am to include rolls for "gather info" or "sense motive"?

On the tables at the beginning of each of your posts you have your "passive skill checks" and "trained knowledge" sections. (Your passive skills: perception 14, sense-motive 14. Your Trained Knowledge: local 14, nobility 13. bluff 18 and Diplomacy 13 should be in passive skill checks section)
I treat these passive checks numbers as constant, and that's why they should always be up to date. For example, when your character went gathering information, I treated it as if you rolled a 13 diplomacy. When ever you want to try and do better than your "normal", you need to include a roll. When you decide to roll then you might risk the chance of doing worse. Chatahee for example tried so hard to sense a hidden agenda in Aldern Foxglove offer of a boar hunt, that he might have missed things that were obvious (his passive sense motive is 14 but he rolled a 7), on the other hand Chatahee's passive perception is 14, but he rolled a 24, and got to notice some details about Aldern that he didn't notice before - doesn't mean they help in anyway, but its stuff others didn't take notice of.

You may add or remove skills from your "passive skill checks" section. For example, if you go out traveling on land, you might want to add passive survival skill check to see if you notice those strange footprints in the mud even without actually looking for them. Usually, diplomacy, sense-motive and perception should be there. Stealth should be there only if you actually moving in stealth mode all the time (e.g. if you are scouting ahead in a dungeon the entire time the party is there) because the party itself is walking as quietly as its loudest member anyway. Bluff has to be there only if you are always bluffing...

Copy that.
That is what I thought in regard to the skills etc.

Thanks for the clarification.

I will move diplomacy/bluff to the passive block.

Sorry again, I've been busy with work and school and meeting new people. Zeno doesn't exactly have a plan of his own yet, but is willing to serve as party face should we need to gather information about the attack. I will do my best to post much more frequently.

Shit, I'm so sorry for the prolonged silence, I've just been so busy with schools, studying to retake an exam, having new courses and all that junk.

LOL I had almost posted this morning that Jack was going to try to slip out the back...

I even saved my half finished post...

No worries. Revised post incoming...

Just as an aside and OOC of course...

Jack never intended to split the group up to actually invade any Goblin warren.
It was his intent, which perhaps was not clear, to gather intel.
IE: find the location and perhaps scout the area of said encampment if it even exists. Then we can discuss {over dinner} the best strategy to infiltrate/attack the compound...

Meanwhile Jack and Zeno would seek info from other sources to attempt to locate any townsfolk etc that may be in league with the Goblins...

Does that make sense?

Yeah, Chatahee wasn't convinced that intel gathering wouldn't somehow morph into an all out fight with half the party getting ambushed or cut off.

No worries.
Just wanted to be sure there was not a misunderstanding.
I trust that Chatahee will not get himself or Parice into too much trouble.
& hopefully Jack and Zeno will fare as well...

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