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Username Change Request

If possible I'd like to have my username changed to either (in order of preference) Red Alchemist or Red Magus, please. Thanks in advance!

Red Alchemist it is!

User Name Change Request

Could you please change my user name to:

Maidhc O Casain

Thanks in advance!

Actually, that apostrophe is causing problems I guess. I keep getting database errors and other weirdness. If it is the apostrophe causing the trouble, could you maybe just change the name to Old Scratch? If that's not available, Mephistopheles would suit my personal aesthetic, too.

Unless this is just an error coming up because it's a recent change, that is.

Edit: Yeah, the errors are becoming more plentiful. Editing my signature or avatar causes it, sending PMs causes it, and now even trying to open a character sheet is doing it.

Edit #2: And when I go to post a message, it automatically tries to double-post it for some reason.

Edit #3: Annnd now I don't seem to be able to reply to posts 50% of the time, though editing still seems to work. And when they do post, they don't show up as new (or at all, really) on the forum page.

I don't know why this'd cause database issues - especially only some of the time, but I've changed the username back.


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