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Magic Items in Farland

Magic Items in Farland


For people newly looking at this, I am maintaining a current list of items near the end of the thread.

This is not just my thread. Please throw in your own ideas, I'll add them to the growing archive of possible to-be-added items.

Yes, most of the items from the DMG will be available, except ones specific to a certain setting (Hand of Vecna etc.) I'm going to go through your items today but I like what I see so far. Some of these will likely make a future update. I'll message you.

Might be a good idea to have a separate list in the magic item section, actually specifying which setting specific ones can't be converted. It will be such a short list that I doubt it will take up much room. Just a thought.

Not a bad idea.

These are a few other ideas I had, less epic, meant more for "casual" finding, or at least not legendary items.

Part of why I'm making so many is that between the Lich in Farland who I'm hoping you approve and his needs, Galdien the mad mage and his magic item obsession, and my parties and their settings, I keep seeing things that would be extremely useful and practical.

That, and I also think it's a blast to make magic items, both balanced and OP (though for purposes here, I am trying to stick with balanced as much as possible)

(I have 2 groups playing in Farland right now, ones in Zealand with an end goal of slaying the Lord of Greed, the other in Farland doing a Charisma and stealth based campaign with an end goal to slay the Rakshasha Hope Crusher.)

Hamnier, that's awesome about your two groups! And balanced items are the key.

Shield of Kassius

These large, intricate shields were used by the royal guards of the ancient human kingdom of Kassius. You can use this +1 shield to cast Wall of Force. You cannot use the shield to cast Wall of Force again until the next sunset. Additional Shields of Kassius can be to create conjoined, larger Walls of Force: using another shield of Kassius to cast Wall of Force on an existing Wall of Force cast by a Shield of Kassius increases the size of the first Wall of Force by the amount provided by the second Wall of Force. If the Wall of Force cast by one of the Shields subsequently ends, the area of effect of the other Wall returns to its normal size. Any number of Shields of Kassius can be used in conjunction to create larger and larger Walls of Force. Alternately, the Wall of Force effect from a Shield of Kassius can be used to end an existing Wall of Force cast by another Shield of Kassius as if a Disintegrate spell had been cast on the existing Wall.

Here is my proposed changes to the Shield of Kassius. Thoughts?

OH! I forgot about talking about the Lich's obsession. :P

Lichs tend to be covetous of magic items, and often create their own. Since the Lich (Mr. Mage) in Farland is also the head of the Dark Cadre (with your approval), he has extra resources and ability to do so. At some point he hears about a rumor of Beholders and the power they wield, so he sneaks down to the lower cavers with some of his undead minions, probably including Sir Mattias, and slayed a few on the outskirts of the Beholder's territory to do some experiments.

Here is a list for ideas of the things he created to satisfy his fetish.

It was a great effort not to make a bunch of "eye" jokes (Crystal Ball = Eye Ball; Name something the "Eye of the Beholder", that sort of stuff). :P

Also, a couple more critical items for his plan to eventually overthrow the Lord of Wrath and rule the world himself:

That looks like a good adjustment to the Shields of Kassius. I was afraid that the explanation I gave for them was a bit too much.

I really like the last bit, using one shield to cancel the effects of another shield. I don't see many cases where that would be used, but what if they could be used to remove ANY shield, like an enemy Wall of Force spell or Shield spell?

PS. The idea behind the spears is more to be able to protrude through that Kassius defensive line rather than to aggressively attack enemy shields.

PPS. A Spear of Kassius could also be what (Mr. Mage) modeled the Spear that Gorgos carries around, though he could find a way to replicate the shield penetration ability.

That's an interesting idea.


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