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The 2017 Deadpool

1. Donald Trump
2. Betty White
3. Johnny Depp
4. Bill Murray
5. John Goodman
6. Bob Barker
7. Charles Manson
8. Morgan Freeman
9. Ed Asner
10. Keith Richards

Alterations are perfectly acceptable up until February. I'll collect all the lists and compile them in the main post when the time comes.

And you need to pick one of the Kardashians, steampunkadept. Groups aren't allowed.

Here are my predictions of morbidity:
1. Morgan Freeman
2. Kim Jyun Un
3. Ed Asner
4. Meryl Streep
5. John Madden
6. Betty White
7. Keith Richards
8. Bob Barker
9. Wilford Brimley
10. Danny Glover

this is my final list.

Pretty sure the answer is no, and also, who?

I almost forgot to join in this year!

1. Jimmy Carter
2. Hugh Hefner
3. Bob Barker
4. George Bush Senior
5. Bob Dole (God willing he will!)
6. Stan Lee (God willing he won't!)
7. Charlie Sheen (Long Shot, but cocaine is a bitch)
8. Larry King
9. Thomas Chong
10. Odin (Betting his death will set off Ragnarok)

did any one list Miguel ferrer? He passed away at age 61. In the show NCIS LA, his character was in bad shape, so I think he knew something was amiss.

1 George Bush Senior
2 Bill Clinton
3 Buzz Aldrin
4 William Shatner
5 Mark Hamill
6 Donald Trump
7 Anthony Daniels
8 Vladimir Putin
9 Tom Brokaw
10 Queen Elisabeth


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