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Catastrophic Failure

even these days, the old "create an extra save file" adage can be applied to us all

I have a lot of my non-post stuff saved otherwise, and actually saved my player-sheets at some point last year too, out of an abundance of caution

I think I speak for all of us when I say...

Ok, just needed to get that out of my system.

I have a couple of my sheets open on my phone's browser (Chrome for Android). Anybody know if there's a way to switch tabs without having it automatically reload the page?

The issue is, that for anyone who runs or works on databases, they should know to never open up the hood with out backing up the data first. Also this being Free is just an excuse and also inaccurate as while we do not pay upfront we do pay in the data collected by the advertisements on the website, who in turn sell that data for money.

There's one good thing about this: Our characters can be rebirthed better than ever. Hell, if we're lucky, there's a chance we won't even HAVE a dump stat on some of our characters.

There has been too much damage done to my main game because of this, I am not sure I have the heart. 50 characters gone is soul destroying.

No worries about losing the sheets. You're being a bit hard on yourself though. Sometimes stuff just happens.
As for everyone that has to rebuild sheets... well...

The sheets where nothing more than a place to store numbers and words. The characters we made are still with us. Or at least me....... Anyways, sheets lost is a big deal, but it happens. How many times have we lost our paper sheets while playing TT? I know I've lost more than a few. Either to food/drink spills or accidently got thrown away or forgotten about. This is the web version of that. It happens.

As for the hard working staff, thank you for this site. This is by far one of the most comprehensive sites there is for almost everything one could want for RP. The fact that it is free is a bonus. Thank you for being able to get it back up and thank you for having someplace for folks like me that can't find local groups to go to. I've been to more than a few sites, but this has been my favorite.

Yeah, just spent four days remaking a level 30 character. Just got back into the game. He never saw the light of day... wiped. *is crushed*

Thanks for all the hard work, Rodrigo! Losing sheets sucks, but that's small in comparison to losing whole games or even *gulp* the site itself.

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