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Games & Ads Rules Change

Games & Ads Rules Change

In the past we have tried to restrict the Games & Ads section of the site only to games that were being played exclusively at Myth-Weavers. The only exception was a 'Hybrid' game that used some outside resource like Roll20 or IRC or Skype, which required explicit staff permission. The restriction and categorization of a 'Hybrid Game' is going away, and permission the start a Game Ad is no longer required.

The new rules are:
Myth Weavers exists as a complete play-by-post gaming website. Advertising other sites on Myth Weavers or using parts of Myth Weavers to advertise games that will be played exclusively on other sites is not permitted. Feel free to use site resources such as sheets and wiki but do not advertise the game.

Use of the Games & Ads forum to advertise for your game is permissible if and only if the game is being played in some capacity via Myth-Weavers, and the ad title and description explicitly call out any external tool usage. While you are free to establish a game here and play via Roll20, IRC, Skype, or Tabletop, etc, at least some part of the gaming must take place at Myth-Weavers. That can come in many forms, including but not limited to an adventure log or OOC forum.

Again, games are subject to all site content rules, which means that linking to inappropriate material is still prohibited.

As a person running such a game hosted here, I appreciate the rules change even if I have no real plans on publicly advertising it. MW doesn't have much of a live-player playerbase, but there's no reason that can't change in the future.

I do have something of a question/discussion starter regarding live games on MW. Due to the nature of many live games, they have other places to organize OOC chat, in Skype, Discord and other various IM and chat services. As such, it often leaves the forum void of actual OOC chatter that is common in PbP games, leaving it to be more or less populated with either adventure logs, NPC descriptions, or the occasional between-session PbP thread that gets some small activity.

This does mean that the forums can occasionally, between lulls in sessions (especially if a week's session is cancelled, let alone two weeks), have fewer posts on the forum despite the game being well and alive. The warning system is excellent for PbP games which require a steady stream of posts, but for live games it can mean that, if there is an extended break in people posting but still playing regularly, the warning is a bit needless.

Now, I don't think that 42 days is an unreasonable time of inactivity before archival (and the fact that said archives can be retrieved), but I have at times made filler posts on my forum just so the 14-day warning wouldn't trigger. I don't think I've ever been in any real danger of the game being actually archived simply due to the amount of NPC descriptions I can put out if I need to have more content, but the 14-day warning is a bit short of a time for a live game.

With all this in mind, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this. It's just a thing that I've been thinking about recently, as it has been somewhat relevant in my time hosting my game's forum here for almost a year now. An extremely minor annoyance, and I don't really think I have any good solutions to offer for it, but I figured I'd voice it anyway. It's also more or less the only real complaint I have about the setup too; otherwise the forum is a great place to host live content as well.

The 14 and 28 day warnings are about reminding people of the 42 day archival cutoff. What would you think of a 28 and 35 day warning?

The first warning being at 28 days could make for a bit better timeframe for a live game, but I'm still not convinced it's a necessary change just for the still relatively few live games that exist on MW. As far as problems go, this is still very much in the smallest scale possible. If nothing else, my efforts not to get those warnings to begin with (I know they are automated and so forth, but they bother me other levels than the logical one) makes me put up those NPC descriptions I keep postponing. I don't know whether or not extending the timeline would even work: for my part it'd likely just postpone making those non-essential posts to keep the forum alive until closer to the 28 day mark. So it's really all the same, when it comes down to it.

So really, it's not so much of a problem as it is simply an observation. And if I wanted a place where I could solely store information related to the game without any player involvement, I'd likely use Obsidian Portal or something. MW works for me because it's got good chops to handle both information and a PbP environment for the game.

I'd likely use Obsidian Portal or something
Part of the rules change is we're going to be pivoting toward providing that sort of functionality in addition to our pbp and sheets stuff.

Now if you could only do image hosting instead of the attachment functionality. But I guess that's what deviantart and photobucket are for!

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
The 14 and 28 day warnings are about reminding people of the 42 day archival cutoff. What would you think of a 28 and 35 day warning?
My two copper pieces: 28 days is better than 14.

I like this. It's something of a true irksome topic with me that I have run into time and time again. The gathering places for the gamers are the forums, naturally, as you can post what you want to say, it stays there, and others reply. It's simple, and has been around for ages now. So these places are gathering places, and the folks who frequent it the most are the die hard forum goers. However, there aren't many outlets for live games and fewer places to recruit and advertise for them.

The simple break between PbP and Live in scheduling can be a massive issue when recruiting as well. It's much, much easier to join a game where its "Post 3 times a week, whenever you want" out of a pool of thousands then it is to find a group of 6 who can meet all at the same time zone on the same night at the same time for the same interests within the same ruleset. There were allowances made in the past with several sites years ago for just free and open recruitment, open gaming for all in certain sectors, but in the wake of Roll20 becoming popular a lot of sites locked down such things. It really put a crimp on live game recruitment in order to "protect the integrity of pbp", as the sites are run by the pbp die hard guys, the guys who run the forums the pbp games are played on.

Ultimately, one must utilize the VTT software or FB or an IRC channel now to find a game for live play online. Any site that is welcoming to these types of games could soak up traffic as a gathering place for folks who want live action games but have no local method of achieving it. A number of them in the past 10 years or so have offended and driven away DM's just looking to game with folks and offer entertainment to players. I PM'd you about 1-2 years ago Rodrigo regarding something like this but I imagine it got buried in the myriad things you had going on at the time.

I'm not certain how far you are interested in going with this in the future, but with 3D VTT's on their way onto the scene soon it could generate traffic for you to be welcoming of these games in a way your "competition" might not be. Just food for thought.


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