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What a terrible sector

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What a terrible sector

What a Terrible Sector - Forum
Dark Heresy


A sergeant glances over your unit of conscripts, and nods to the right. A shadow passes over you as you're marched off.


"Please follow the man in black."

So, who are you?

This is an 80's kitchen-sink sci-fi setting. Anything goes if it's human and low-powered. You tell me and i'll roll it up and give it to you.

Please come up with a character before you look at the rulebook and limit yourself to the rules. If you know more then about 30 seconds rant on 40k, vamoose. This is Dark Heresy 1st edition.

Die and you're out. Now post!

Game Description:

Galaxy-trotting down-and-dirty investigation.

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Do you want the posts here, or some where else.

If here, I'm up for playing a humble guardsmen, or a young nascent psyker.

Here is good. It's up to you. Everyone else, **** the classes, there's lots more where they came from. I want concepts.

Veteran of the War

Talks about The War more than is strictly necessary.
Overly grizzled.
Spits chewed tobacco on the floor even when it's inappropriate.
Turns everything into a teachable moment.
A character from every war movie ever.

There you go. You've got 400 xp to spend. Ooh, forgot to mention you need to choose gear. Pg 25.

"You mean you never looked out past the unending horrors of the cosmos and the churning insanity of the Warp at those tiny points of light beyond the Emperor's Grace and weren't like - 'wish I could see 'em up close?"

"Huh, Must be just me."

You've got an idiot punk/punkette young adult who desperately, desperately wants to be the hero in a Rogue Trader campaign, all swashy-coattails, big hats and adventure committing sweet, sweet xeno-heresy with Eldar dancing girls and outsmarting Tau traders . . . and who in fact is a slightly bright ne'er do well with poor impulse control, no prospects and whose solution to getting off-world involved a mix of odd jobs at the starport, a handful of world-to-world transits working as a manual laborer/stowaway/cabinboy-or-girl and who
like water finding the easiest way to level
slid into joining the most recent conscription effort after being stuck on a backwater planet for the better part of a year with no near-term prospects of getting out any other way. A proper and mindful conscript they are not.

Caveat: all I know about 40K comes from the All Guardsman Party and the character concept is one part Halo Jones and one part
this guy..

So sold i can't believe i'm lucky enough to see it. Your sheet is on the way! And lots of angry authorities!

So does having owned a game store for 5 years and ran 40k battles nearly every weekend count me out? lol


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