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I am looking to run a game in the current “world” that I have been working on and that has been in progress for over 10 years. You can see in the posts that there are several thousand of posts throughout the game.

Before we get into anything I kinda want to let everyone know how the posting in my games work.
• I require a post at least once a week. However, I am fairly lenient with things such as life and work, holidays, family and the like.
• I value story over /direct/ rules, and I pretty much religiously adhere to the /cool/ factor.
• I am heavily influenced by the Honorverse Series, Schlock Mercenary, Dresden Files, Sword of Truth, Warhammer 40k. If you can explain whatever you want to do in those terms, I more than likely am going to buy what youre selling, even if its ice in Alaska.
• I also understand that sometimes, we need to just post “continue the story” posts. So, they don’t all have to be elaborate posts, but a paragraph is nice.
• I have discord and google hangouts, so if you prefer to communicate over that, that’s fine.
• All of my games are run solo. You are the main character, and everything reflects that.

Now for the actual setting.

It’s been thousands of years since the Soul Stone Wars, which decimated the world of Sa’Ruin, and a few hundred since the Race Wars. An uneasy truce existed until finally Interstellar Space flight was discovered. The three prime races, Humans, Elves and Orcs built their spaceships and powered by magic escaped the war torn environment. Now, the races are established, and cold war pervades the three.

You are the proud owned of the mostly wrecked haul of a diplomatic currier spaceship. Its broken, has holes in it, plenty of contraband smuggling ports, and has weapons enough to defend itself… to an extent. Still, you had borrowed, stolen, and sold everything to buy the ship. You have a small crew, people you grew up with; a wizard to power the Astral Drive ( the device that allows FTL travel. ) A orc ( youre bruiser) and elf with a bad attitude ( you’re…procurer of ((illgotten deeds))goods) and you.
You were able to get your first job, a simple goods transport, taking a small box, which you had been ordered not to look into from a human world to an elf one. You are just getting ready to launch when you receive orders from the com tower to stop, and prepare to boarded…

Nuts and bolts:
You will begin at level 4. Stat array 18,17,16,14,13,12.
Everything is CORE 5ed, with the addition of Gunpowder. ( Ship weapons are cannonballs)

Game Description:

Sa’Ruin is a world that is a duplicate of the world we live in, with the myths and legends that are very similar though names and genders may vary. It is a world that is/was/will be on the brink of destruction and is/was/will be on the brink of a golden age. It is an odd blending of three different times, where a change in one can implement a change in the other. These three times can be entered into and manipulate outcomes if one has the know-how, but this tampering is forbidden.

The Past
This time is when Demos was first created, fought for by the twin brother Cain and Able, though a decade after Cain’s exile. Demos has begun to be prosperous, though the pure-bred humans look down upon the mixing of the other races that the Watchers have brought. Here steel and sorcery reign supreme, the “classic” DnD experience with little modification.

The Present
Lucifer has been cast down and much of humanity destroyed in the Creators anguish over His creation. Here magical artifacts are rare, and people live in a feudalistic society, many die before they reach the ancient prescribed age of three score ten and five years. Here Demos is no longer the beacon of light and hope, but instead a city with crumbling walls, the last of the Twin’s families holding on by the thin bronze of their swords and the simple spells they cast. This experience is that of a "low magic" DnD campaign.

The Future

Magic has for the vast majority ceased, the gods no longer walk the land and many believe that they were simply fairy-tales. Huge airships fly through the air, and technological wonders the likes that has never been seen before or written about are every day occurrences. Even now many looks to the stars wondering what is out there, and if humanity, for the other races have all but died out, is alone in the universe. This is also a "low magic" campaign, though leans heavily toward Starfinder.

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