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Need new blood to revive game

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Need new blood to revive game

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GURPS - Fantasy

Hello Dark Sun fans, we are looking for a couple new players to help revive our game. It has been going on for years and is a wonderfully complex and evolved game with multiple layers of story-lines woven together masterfully. The whole game is designed to hide what the player's characters cannot see from the players playing them. Therefore, there is much more going on behind the scenes than any one player can ever be fully aware of which inspires each individual character to interact more realistically with the other players to find out what is going on. I've designed the game this way because one of my biggest peeves in other games is when all players can read everything going on and without any player to player roleplay somehow magically know what is going on somewhere else or as if by magic or psychic ability (which the character does not possess) and they act and run around as if they know everything. Also, many times they read what other players think and feel and speak as if they know that also. Its ridiculous. I developed my game to crush all that. Players only get to read what their own character's experience through their character's 5 senses or any other special senses, magics, psionic abilities, or powers they may have only. I ask each player to only post what their characters say or do, or only things that the other players characters should be able to somehow perceive when posting on the group threads. Otherwise, use private tags for GM or use private solo threads to communicate with GM or interact privately with other players via the group threads using private tags also (if only one or a select few should know some thing that one or more of the others should not know).

I do not really want to go through a whole new prolonged recruiting process for new character generations and questions about rules for creating new characters and all that jazz right now, but if necessary I will deal with it. I prefer since we have some MIA players and such that I offer character concepts that have already been accepted into the game to new recruits. If anyone is willing to pick out one of our already in play characters (now being NPC'd by me the GM) and take over playing them that would be ideal right now. If anyone is interested in picking out one of these characters let me know and I will open up the threads so you can look through the ones available to choose from.

Game Description:



Quote from "The Wanderer's Journal"
I live in a world of fire and sand. The crimson sun scorches the life from anything that crawls or flies, and storms of sand scour the foliage from the barren ground. Lightning strikes from the cloudless sky, and peals of thunder roll unexplained across the vast tablelands. Even the wind, dry and searing as a kiln, can kill a man with thirst. This is a land of blood and dust, where tribes of feral elves sweep out of the salt plains to plunder lonely caravans, mysterious singing winds call men to slow suffocation in a Sea of Silt, and legions of slaves clash over a few bushels of moldering grain. The dragon despoils entire cities, while selfish kings squander their armies raising gaudy palaces and garish tombs. This is my home, Athas. It is an arid and bleak place, a wasteland with a handful of austere cities clinging precariously to a few scattered oases. It is a brutal and savage land, beset by political strife and
monstrous abominations, where life is grim and short.

DARK SUN, ADVANCED DUNGEONS &. DRAGONS, AD&D, and the TSR logo are all trademarks owned by TSR Inc. 1991 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U. S. A.

Game Description:
A campaign set in the Darksun universe that will see our would be heroes barely able to scrape out a living let alone think of achieving greatness. Survival is not guaranteed in the harsh world of Athas, in fact the only certainty is that your death will be brutal and meaningless. When a single piece of iron is worth killing ten men for, the denizens of a world are quick to adapt to their harsh reality. The Champions of Rajaat now rule their city-states as gods (The Dragon-Kings), magic users are reviled for their defiling of the world. The world cries out, but none will ever be able to avenge its suffering. It is a huge mainly desert planet scorched by a massive Sun, water and metals are scarce and sometimes used as currency. Every living thing has a special niche to fill, most are deadly, many deceptive, mutants are common, psychic or psionic powers are very common and almost everyone and every living thing has some manner of psychic talent or ability of some kind. The innate ability each individual has is known as the Will, the study of how to use or harness that Will to perform psionic powers is known as the Way. Magic is hated because it requires leeching the life force from plant life and lower life form animals to power spells and it leaves nothing but lifeless blight, ash & dust in its wake, or poisoned waters, or toxic gas, that may never be able to grow plants or sustain life again.

Not familiar with DarkSun?
Check out the following links for resources:
DarkSun Core Rules
Athasian Emporium - for weapons, armor, and equipment
DarkSun Races, Classes, terrain, religion, etc
DarkSun resource material- for more about the world of Athas, city-states, terrain, races, classes, monsters, etc

Game Master(s):
LordDoom - LordDoom profile
My Gaming Style:
First things first, let me hammer out a few things on gaming style or attitude. My style is a bit gritty, a bit on the edge, pushing limits, there will be conflicts and chaos, I'm not the world's best know-it-all on the rules, player characters will not be coddled, some may even get maimed or killed! I will not mediate at the GM level for players having in game character conflicts. I did not want to start or run a game to become a baby sitter. I am looking for adult players. If characters run into issues in the game of any kind whether general problems with world situations, NPCs, enemies, or even fellow players, it needs to be played out in the game. If you kill each other so be it, oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles. Hopefully, things get worked out just like they would if you were there yourselves, figure it out amongst yourselves because I will not tell players how to play their characters. Besides, that is what makes it fun. Obviously, if someone is overly or completely obnoxious and deliberately trying to sabotage the game, then I will figure out an in-game solution to take them out, but only if absolutely necessary. It would be a last resort to go to that level, there is plenty enough to kill players without me (the GM) doing it. In the game there will likely be curse word substitutes, adult themes, innuendo, suggestive scenarios may arise, there will most certainly be lots of blood & guts, possibly drinking and drug use may come into play (remember this is just fictional fantasy people!). This will not be a game for the faint of heart, wimps, whiners, cry babies, etc, so if you are one of them please go away. If you are easily offended or like politically correct games or don't like player versus player conflicts, move along to another game. If you like gritty, hardcore, conflict, chaos, realism set in an utterly harsh, hellish, survival of the fittest, fantasy realm, then perhaps you found the right game.

Game Explanation:
Game Type / Genre:
This will be a game set in the DarkSun world setting but we will be using the GURPS system for rules and character creation. Rules to give that DarkSun feel are somewhat difficult to duplicate exactly, but I will be posting a lot of supportive fan based materials tweaked by me to suit my needs for this GURPS game.
Not familiar with GURPS?
Check out GURPS LITE 4th edition for core concepts, basic rules, etc:
GURPS Lite 4th Edition

Application Process:
How should people apply to play? How long will applications be accepted? How many player-spots are open?
I am looking for 1-4 players maximum. I have started an application thread for people wanting to join. I am asking that you create awesome fully fleshed out characters, the more detailed and unique the better (not strange or exotic necessarily, just interesting and unique). One post per applicant PLEASE. Edit your post if necessary. Consider it an audition because I will be choosing who gets in and who doesn't. This will not be first come first serve.

Character Creation:
What are the rules being used for making characters?
Character Parameters:
GURPS 4th edition Rules (Using GURPS books Characters & Campaigns, also Powers & Magic if necessary)
Total Points=300
Total Disadvantages=-100 (-95 disads and -5 Quirks)
Racial maximum stats are 18 for humans, +/- template stat adjustments for the other races (example: Max of 25 Strength for Half-Giants)
No flying races, no Terrans or Aarakocra, Prefer we stick to races listed on linked races for GURPS templates below under House Rules.
Only classes that are banned are Templars because they are in service to the Dragon-Kings and that will be in direct conflict with this game.

Any additional information or requirements:
Include miscellaneous house rules or oddities you will be using.
The magic rules for how to handle Defiler/Preserver magic has proven problematic and difficult thus far. I am still working out how this will be handled in terms of GURPS rules. I am also still open to suggestions as well. There may be some house rules but these will be posted on the OOC. Mainly we will be using the GURPS core rules system for everything. Likely magic will be handled with some combination or either one of Powers &/or Magic.

House Rules:
DarkSun Racial Templates created in GURPS link:
DarkSun Races in GURPS and racial templates
- I have personally made these racial templates in GURPS, and questions, comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to let me know. I welcome feedback and I am willing to consider adjustments or changes to make things better. Also, if I somehow missed a race you feel should be included feel free to make suggestions and state your case. By the way, the Tareks are essentially the same racial template as the Mul, with the exception of (appearance; squat sloping foreheads, jutting maws, pointy ears that taper towards back of head, skin colors vary by individuals from olive green to gray and even red, also add sharp teeth, sharp claws). The perfect examples of differences between human, mul and tarek can be seen in the picture above; tarek to the left with two heartpicks, a human with long skunk-like hair to the right with a steel sabre, and a mul wielding a double jawbones axe in the middle and slightly behind the human.

I'm willing to look at the pre-existing characters and maybe pick one...

Originally Posted by Lamech View Post
I'm willing to look at the pre-existing characters and maybe pick one...
Ok. I'll open up the available characters threads to public for viewing.

all the group game threads should be open to view by public now. check it out. Also opened up the available characters for new recruits to choose from.

Originally Posted by Modric View Post
I think I rolled a character for this a while back, but dropped out.
Modric! Hey bro! You want back in? You are more than welcome!

Cool- I'll check the boards over the weekend. What kind of characters are you looking to add?

Originally Posted by Modric View Post
Cool- I'll check the boards over the weekend. What kind of characters are you looking to add?
Well, prefer to have someone take over characters for players that left the game. I opened up those threads so any character threads open to view are available now. Active players characters cannot be seen because they are all private. Worst case scenario if new players do not like any available characters then I'm willing to discuss new character creation also, but they must be wickedly awesome concept for me to accept. I've got some ideas we can discuss if you want. Perhaps on a private thread? First look at available characters. If you cannot find one you like then let me know & come up with a name for your new character even if you are not sure of a concept yet & we will start a new private thread & begin discussions privately.

Well, in truth there's only one such character thread open. It's for the goblin.

Originally Posted by LumenPlacidum View Post
Well, in truth there's only one such character thread open. It's for the goblin.
Goblin? LOL. There is no goblin. You sure you are looking at the right forum? I opened up character OOC threads for all the currently available characters listed below (if you do not see them perhaps you need to scroll through the different pages?):

I've decided that any players who have left & characters have not been killed can be taken over by another player & continue in the roleplay. So right now available characters are as follows:

Etheros - Human male water cleric
Anna Deepwell - Human female water cleric
Nok - Halfling male psionic scout & thief
Nath'ar - Gith male (adopted by elven tribe) psionic thri-kreen hunter
Nadira - Elven female psionic thief/assassin

*Update: Also, if I do not hear from another of my players by this Monday (Dec. 24th, Christmas Eve) then I will open up another awesome character for availability. That character is named Umber - Half-Elf male Shadow-Kin psi-warrior-thief-assassin with powers of Shadows.

These characters should all be visible to everyone (except for Umber unless there is no response from Wulf, then I will open up Umber for new recruits after Christmas). Please let me know if you do not see any of the characters I've listed.

Edited: LoneWalker requested that I do not offer Freesha to any other players, so I have removed her as an option for new recruits to respect Lonewalker's wishes as a highly respected and beloved player for many years.


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