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A Whole New World

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A Whole New World

Beyond Paradise - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Do you like One Piece? Are you caught up with the series in either form? Do you have a working knowledge, which does have an SRD available, of Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition? Are you a reliable and consistent player? Then the Pinstripes need you!

What makes this game different from a normal One Piece game? It starts at the halfway point of Sabaody Archipelago. Mainly because this group of players has taken part in multiple games that have started from the beginning. This means that you will have access to Haki as the Captain has trained the entire crew in its use and applications.

We currently have a cook, musician and shipwright. What we certainly need are a doctor and navigator. Other roles I would like to see would a swordsman or weapon master of sorts, an inventor and a sharpshooter. You can join at Sabaody Archipelago if you want, or you could have joined earlier.

You begin at PL 12/180 PP with the house rule of 4 Skill Points per PP.

Game Description:

There's a New World that needs exploring and we're gonna do it!

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I've been itching for an excuse to binge on One Piece. Now to figure out what manner of person I'd play... navigator and weapon master both sound fun.

Originally Posted by zeone3000 View Post
Why would be on the Strawhats radar? Luffy's going after the Yonko. Either way, it takes place after the time skip.
Because we have been heading through the blues and grand line I'd assume? Have been some of the places they've been? Were active during the timeskip building up a name and thus might be something they heard about when they got back?

Don't misunderstand, im ok with them not having any idea we exist (well, most of them. Jembei and Robin seem pretty on top of it knowing who's who in the world. So does Law far as that goes. It's kinda there thing.), I'm just clarifying positions at the moment.

Hmmmm, I've got a couple of concepts. I'll bounce them out in a bit once work quiets down.

I think that would depend more if we have a notable bounty. Plenty of crew make it to the New World, not very many survive.

Originally Posted by zeone3000 View Post
I think that would depend more if we have a notable bounty. Plenty of crew make it to the New World, not very many survive.
I submit anyone who get's too the new world and doesn't get destroyed by the first problem they encounter probably has enough of a reputation that one of those 3 would have heard of them at least in passing.


Possible Pitch 1: A Mermaid of some flavor (Still deciding between a larger breed of shark, a Marlin or something Cephalopod based of some nature.), who has made a solid living hiring her skills out too legitimate trade vessel's. Until slavers took a ship she was on. She managed to free herself, though not with out being branded, and learning the marine captain in question who was suppose to be on escort duty took bribes to permit ships to be taken when crew or passengers were deemed to be high value targets for the slave auctions.

She returned to Fishman Island for the first time in a decade, to learn what The Straw Hats did there. And these events have inspired her to find a crew she can take up with, and too join as a newly minted Pirate.

I could see her either being a Navigator OR a weapons master OR A Doctor, depending on the needs of the crew. She would also likely be a rather strong Fishman Karate User. I, might rule that at one time Jembei was her teacher when she was young. If she goes weapons master, I want a Seaprisme Stone Staff.

Note: I'd be going with the idea that when you get too around late 20's early 30's, Mermaid tails separate so they can easily walk on land, unless I go with the Cephalopod route. *Might* have conqueror's haki, but absolutely no Devil Fruit.

Possible Pitch 2: A member of the 3 eyes tribe, operating under cover and keeping her 3rd eye a secret. This one is almost certainly a Navigator, but could easily double as either a sharp shooter or a weapons master, possibly using a devil fruit, or just a specialist in a REALLY strong Devil Fruit. I suspect she'd have extremely strong Observation Haki but not nearly as strong Armament Haki. *Might* have Conquerer's Haki, Shaving and Moon Walk.:

If sharp Shooter: Probably has guns with different load outs for bullets, represented by a device array or something of the sort. And for that I'd probably go with either Artificial Door Door Fruit, or Artificial Eye Eye fruit. (I think that was the name: The one Viola on Dressrosa had.)

If weapons master: So, dig this. She's got some weird tech she got somewhere, that runs a Laser ala the Pacifista's through a series of Seaprisum Stone lenses when she activates it. Creating a laser sword that ignores Devil Fruit powers/protections, and weakens Devil Fruit users if it connects, even if they try to tank it via devil fruit power, armament haki, or both. For this one, artificial Door Door fruit might be viable, but I might just as easily go with artificial Memory Memory Fruit, or heck, thinking on it, Artificial Eye Eye fruit, and just embrace that she's functionally a Jedi.

We might have to work something out with Voice of All things for this one.

Possible Pitch 3: A Kujo Warrior, apprenticed to a doctor at a young age. She eventually grew strong enough to earn the right to leave the Island, in search of perhaps having a child. However the hell that works. And what did she see when she was out here? A Massive news broadcast. About The War Of The Best at Marneford. And having had that little taste of what's out here, she decides she's going to take her time getting back to her Island, and have some adventures in this weird world of men.

And maybe before meeting the crew, she crossed paths with one of those Artificial Devil Fruits.

This one would be a Doctor, but could also be a Sharp Shooter or Devil Fruit hitter. If Sharp Shooter, well, the fruits are probably the same as possible option 2, and she probably really digs using Observation Haki. Will have Shaving and Moon Walk. I'm seeing her as an Archer with a bunch of trick arrows.

If she uses more Devil Fruit, this, would honestly be were I'd have an app have either an artificial Logia or Mythic Zoan of some kind. She'll probably have more Armament Haki as well as Observation Haki, and *Might* Also use Conqueror's Haki.

So, do any of those prospects interest you?

Whichever one you're going to have the most fun playing and tell an interesting story. Seems like you more worried about they can do, than who they are. What are their dreams and goals?

Originally Posted by zeone3000 View Post
Whichever one you're going to have the most fun playing and tell an interesting story. Seems like you more worried about they can do, than who they are. What are their dreams and goals?
Ok. Your looking at the product of less than five minutes of just thinking of concepts, not of full blow characters, just concepts. (Yes, what they can do is a really important part of that. I'm reasonably certain if Franky's concept hadn't included "Cyborg" but had included "Guy with lot's of scars", and that had not lead to "Better lock down rules for what Cyborgs can do then." before he was ever on page, we'd have had a noticeably different series. Just to hopefully help illustrate the point.). I spent longer typing it out then I did thinking on it.


I don't know which concept I'm necessarily going to have the most fun with. But I do firmly believe I would enjoy every single concept and variant on that concept I put up there. Think of it like having 6 flavors of Ice Cream your really sure you'll like, and being told to pick whichever one is best, but you only get one taste test of 1 flavor too figure that out before a certain stage.

So before I sink a bunch of time and though into a backstory, I want to try and work out if any of them in particular are going to be poorly suited too the game/party, are almost certainly not going to make it in (and if so why.) just out the gate, or if any of them look like they'd be a reverse, heavily favored for some reason or other or an especially good fit.

That way I don't have a situation were I have this list of a half dozen characters or so and maybe 1 of them will get played if I'm lucky. Ideally, I'll also avoid having this character I've sunk a lot of time and effort and thought into that doesn't have a ghost of a chance of getting in and getting played.

I'm still in the preliminary stages, and I'm using you as a bit of a sounding board, since your the GM and that is generally a thing players and GM's do early on. It's why I lead with several questions before even thinking on concepts, I was working out if the game was one I was likely to enjoy and feeling out what might or might not fit well form my perspective, but it's possible I'm missing something, so now I'm getting more feed back. And yes, it's also why I lead with what they might or might not be able to do. For example: If being a member of the 3 eyes tribe who can hear the voice of all things cause that's part of what they do is a deal breaker, it's likely best I not focus on writing up and then stating out that character. Conversely, if that's fine but you really can't get behind the idea of a Kuja warrior gallivanting off on a Pirate Crew other than The Kuja Pirates the way the game would require, well, that more or less puts that idea to bed. Or maybe you actually Really, Really, REALLY love and are endlessly amused by the idea of an Amazon with an Artificial Phoenix or Dragon fruit just running around causing chaos for the world government and really scummy pirate crews even though she expects Monkey D. Luffy to be a normal male, so she's confused when most males aren't exactly like him right down to the stretching ability's. In that case, perhaps that backstory and build should take priority over the others.


With all that out there.

Is there perhaps a concept here your particularly partial too?

I'm not immediately partial to any of them. They could all work at this stage.

And the Voice of All Things would be a Complication at this point. We have no idea what it actually is or does.


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