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Rolemaster Middle Earth Life in the Northern Kingdoms

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Rolemaster Middle Earth Life in the Northern Kingdoms

Rolemaster Life in the Northern Kingdoms - Forum

The Game

It is the year 1407 of the Third Age and all is not well in the Northern Dunedain Kingdoms of Arthedain and Cardolan. The Witch King of Angmar's armies, attacking from his lands of Angmar and the neighbouring fallen Dunedain Kingdom of Arthedain, have breached the defences again and again with raids in recent years and the land bleeds.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. In Tharbad, a Cardolan river port and bridge town over the Gwathlo, some hundred and fifty miles south of Bree, business is booming. There is gold to be had from war refugees fleeing south. Gold to be had from caravans heading north laden with grain, weapons, armor. Mercenaries heading north for war gold require accommodation, perhaps a last taste of comfort before some border fort. Soldiers, in brief respites from the war, come seeking entertainment of one sort or an other, likely the other too.

The Tharbad City Guard are a necessarily pragmatic lot.

In short, it's a place where an up and coming subject of Cardolan can perhaps realise his, or her, ambitions be he, or she, be ever so humble... provided you are prepared to do what is necessary to achieve it.

Game Description:

The Game

This game is a Middle Earth game using Rolemaster. I realise newer systems more closely resemble Tolkein's world, but I don't care. I grew up with MERP, Rolemaster and Middle Earth, so that's what I am running with.

The World and Feel of the Game

The campaign starts in Tharbad, during the war with the Witch King of Angmar. Tharbad is a small city at the southern edge of the Northern Kingdoms, well the two of the three that remain, so it's far from the front lines (as far as pitched battles are concerned).

It will have a rather Shadowrun feel to it, since Tharbad as a city has a real Mos Eisley/Ankh Morpokh feel to it. Characters are more likely to be mercenaries on the make than anything else.

Please head to the Game Forum to find out more.

Two against twenty. Did we run? Did we surrender? No, we gave those two a beating.

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Originally Posted by JCBarnes View Post
I once played in a game where the GM made bards mentalism rather than essence casters and it helped tremendously. We were using a lot more companion material and my bard was actually fairly effective with those changes. He managed to learn an arcane list (Bladerunes) that made him very useful. He's one of my very few rolemaster characters that actually lived throughout the campaign.
My problem with bards isn't so much effectiveness (bards are already Mentalist casters anyway, so not sure what happened there haha), as I know they can be very strong characters -- both in and out of support roles, and especially in D&D --- but their thematics and representation in various media. Granted, I've yet to play The Bard's Tale (which by all accounts I think would make me feel more favourable towards them), but the only bard character I could stand was the female from The Witcher 3; the rest are just insufferable and annoying to me.

I'll happily run with the Mentalism bard.

Looking back (it was over twenty years ago) I had it bass ackwards.. He made my bard essence rather than mentalism. It had the downside of requiring rolls to overcome the armor every time I cast a spell, but it did open up nice open essence lists as I recall. Somehow it worked, but I would definitely recommend sticking with the standard mentalism bard.

Aside from having a kinda shadowrun mission vibe.. I'm hoping to have a plot driven by obligations, debts and relationships. The world you get is the world you fight for. Have a care though.. enemies can come at you through your friends and allies.

Well, looks like I have to bring character law to my office so that I can print out some character sheets. Every sheet I tried to print had a pop message that said 'try for free', 'login to download' or some such guff.

Hi there, I was thinking of making a proto-Rohirrim knight, probably the third son of a nobleman. I have not had much experience at all with the system.

Shouldn't be too much of a problem. The mechanics is more the DM's deal.

Was I in that "become guards or die"game... think I was...
is this a continuation of that?

I can try and look up my old character...or if its on the old archived game.

Nope, I was in the be Guards or Die game.. This is Middle Earth during the time of Aragorn's Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.


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