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The Harsh Cry of the Heron: A Serenity Game of Redemption and Retribution

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The Harsh Cry of the Heron: A Serenity Game of Redemption and Retribution

The Harsh Cry of the Heron - Forum

Welcome to the Harsh Cry of the Heron! This is a Serenity (not Firefly RPG) game that has been running steadily for the past eight years, nearly four of which have been right here on MythWeavers. I like to consider myself a dedicated GM and my current roster of players a diverse and intriguing group of excellent writers and storytellers! We can offer you a steady post rate and a promise of both exciting and tense plots taken from the backstory that you write to tie your characters tightly to the rest of the crew and our overarching plot. We can also offer an amusing trickle of OOC chatter and the potential to form good friendships.

What I require from you, my potential applicant, is the ability to post regularly. I expect at a post rate of twice or maybe even three times a week. I also need you to be able to communicate well and promptly; an absence will generally always be acceptable to me so long as you have communicated about it so that it doesnít come as a surprise!

I am a GM who leans most strongly on narrative flow rather than the mechanics of the system itself so a completed sheet should not be your priority upon application. I am looking for a well considered and developed backstory which will tell me who your character is, what motivates them and how you write as a player. I want to see important moments from your characterís life written out in prose form, as many plot hooks as you can throw at me to potentially use and NPC connections. I canít involve your character fully within the plot if I donít have anything to work with after all.

Please build your character at Veteran level and be sure to check out my House Rules and Creation Guidelines before posting your application in its own thread in the Applications folder.

Newbies to the system are more than welcome, please do just ask any question you have in the OOC chatter and either myself, or one of my current players, will answer you as soon as we can. Please try to avoid using private text in your application unless you feel itís absolutely necessary. I may not require previous knowledge of the RPG system itself, but in order to be able to play in a Serenity game, I do feel that you need to have at least seen the Firefly TV show. Setting and theme are very important to me so please do make sure youíre familiar with the way things are here in the ĎVerse.


The Crew are currently located on board a secret hideaway information-gathering spacestation named Waystation belonging to a group of bootlegging coffee traders called the Mudshiners.

This is where your character will join the crew

Your character will be a Mudshiner, itís up to you if they were born within the Mudshiners or if they came to the group from the outside. Your character will be arriving at Waystation in your first in character post having been ordered by the Mudshiner Council to take over from Adelaide as the Shiner pilot representative on board the Heron. The crew are currently attempting to rescue a Shiner operative named Seren Feng from an Alliance prison before the purple-bellies manage to extract any sensitive information that could endanger the collective.

You can read about the Shiners here. Please do feel free to ask questions.

The deadline for application is midnight GMT+1 on Sunday 28th of April

Game Description:

The story so farThere are things out there in the Black that are more horrifying than the mind can even contemplate. And then there are terrors that one must face in the depths of our very souls that eclipse all of those nightmares with a shocking kind of ease.

A flash of light on metal wings its way silently across the soundless void of the Black. A small dent scratched clean of dirt by a tiny asteroid suddenly gleaming with new life as the old Firefly threads her way through the kind of minefield of an asteroid belt that only the truly talented, or the insane would attempt to fly. A name sits comfortably on the shipís nose, lovingly painted there by hand in relatively fresh coats of paint in a colour that could only be awkwardly described as a shade of red just a little too close to brown for the Allianceís liking. The Kookaburra. And perched over that final Ďaí sits a painting of a strange looking bird; short and stout with a fat beak and a brilliant streak of blue feathers along the wing.

The Black of space almost throbs in anticipation as the plucky boat swerves to avoid one final cluster of space rocks, emerging in an area clear of debris on its final approach to a convoy of abandoned Alliance boats hanging still in the vacuum. Dead.

The Firefly sets an unerring course towards the largest boat; an Alliance cargo transport from war time, its ident number still printed in uniform black letters on a hull dented by years of assault from small asteroids. It makes two passes around the transport, anxious eyes settling on the small, battered skiff which clings stubbornly to the side of it. An uneasy tension builds between the crew at the sight of splashes of unruly, bright colour and tangled wires and junk affixed to the outside of the tiny scout ship. The potential that Reavers could be in this little known area of dead space would have set most crews to turning tail, but the Kookaburra did not have that choice. A life hung in the balance, and the fate of a true friend. The loot found on these wrecks would be enough to buy the girlís freedom, pay off Roryís debts and restore the Kookaburra to her former glory. It was a temptation that was just too hard to pass by. A decision that was doomed to grief.

CLUNK, the airlock connected.

HSSSSS air flooded the passage way.

The heavy sound of boots hitting metal as the crew entered the cargo hauler and..


Flashes of steel and blood. The stench of burning flesh, screams etching their horrors into the void. Red.. silver.. red.. black .. grey..


There were only three survivors of that day, or so Rory had told them as they woke in a plain hospital room on Beaumonde. Only the captain, pilot and one passenger along for the ride. "The others didnít make it," was the only thing Rory Callahan would tell his friends, his lips pressing tight in an uncharacteristically serious line as the worry lines on his forehead dug ever deeper still. It was post-traumatic stress, the doctors said, a protection mechanism. The memories would come back when the mind was ready to process the horror of what had happened aboard that lost Alliance cargo hauler.

Rory had discovered the coordinates of their destination while playing an aggressive game of Faro, heíd explained. Some guy had found them in a cabinet of old Alliance papers while digging through rubble on Athens and was pushed to put them up as a stake to stay in the game. From there Rory flew until the sensors on the ship he had borrowed began to pick up a signal, the Kookaburraís distress signal to be precise. The Kook hadnít made it either, Rory grimaced as he delivered that news, knowing that it would be a blow.

And now itís six months later. Half a year from that day that Ben, Mara and Will still fail to remember. Ben and Mara are out of their beds and good as almost new once more, even if poor Will remains confined to a wheelchair, his adventuring days over before they had even begun. Concerned for his friends, Rory set his plans in motion. Folks like Ben and Mara? They belonged in the Black and it was criminal to watch them wither planetside like this. Securing a loan in Benís name was a relatively simple challenge for the ace pilot and he had chosen a mostly reputable bank too. Using that money he bought a run down Ladybird class boat from a friend of his who worked in the scrap business. She wasnít pretty, but she would be mostly functional with the aid of a talented engineer, and perhaps more importantly she was compatible with the parts Rory had managed to save from the Kook. Parts that he hoped would help make this new boat feel more like home.

With a plan to present Ben with the codes to his new home and his new financial obligation/business venture, Rory Callahan set about finding the Captain a crew. He sent waves out far and wide across the 'Verse; inviting old friends, family, business contacts and brothers and sisters in arms to apply for the job... To apply to become a part of Benjamin Matthewsí new family.

Canít stop the signal.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Going to be looking this over with intent. Other than piloting, any other gaps need to be filled?

Cool, I didn't expect to see another Firefly game pop up so soon. Count me in for an application. A couple of questions before I get to work on it:

Do you mind if I apply with a character that I'd originally came up with for another game? With the backstory properly re-worked to tailor it to your game, of course.
You say in the Creation Guidelines the game is set a few years after the war - how many years has it been?
And lastly, do the Shiners actively recruit, or are new members mainly people who stumbled into the nebula or the Shiners' operation who prove useful?

Hello Rata!

Before you come along too far I first have to correct you, this is a Serenity RPG game. It uses a different system to Firefly RPG and I am fairly sure the previous Firefly style game was using the Firefly (Cortex Plus) ruleset. BUT, I'm not that interested in a completed sheet at this stage, the story is more important to me and newbies to Serenity RPG are very welcome!

Recycled concepts are all fine and dandy so long as they are rewritten and tailored to my game set up.

Game is running alongside the TV series so, I think that's 7 years post war but still before Miranda.

I would say the Shiners passively recruit. You could have stumbled into the Nebula, you could be born a Shiner, you could have helped/befriended a Shiner at one point and been recruited. I wouldn't say that they are actively out there looking for new members, but they would likely headhunt talent if and as required.

Hello absitz! At the moment we are only looking for a pilot.

Noted. I've actually played a little Serenity, but have only read the rules for the Cortex Plus version, so that suits me down to the ground. Thanks for the quick reply, now I can get to work.

Ahah! Well that you can check out the party for although I don't think there are any glaring gaps. Tech proficiency perhaps heavy weaponry, social skills is never a bad thing.

Iselin, would there be any objection to reviving my original application to this game? Cassidy is a character I would still like to play, and it would be easy enough to rework the history to focus on piloting instead of being a mechanic.

If you'd like to retailor Cassidy to the game then please do feel free swifty. It's nice to see you back again

@Iselin I am interested man. I DM for 3 games right now here, but I don't get much chance to play. I have the Serenity(Not Firefly RPG) book and would love to make a character. Bear with me though, as I don't have much experience in applying for games here, as I usually run them.

Basic Character Idea is a Jayne sort, mercenary with a love for guns. Big on Muscle, Short on Brains. Possible former Browncoat, but not too old. Basically a guy who loves fighting and drinking. Not sure what else you would need, but I am serious about playing. Thanks for reading

I should also note that I mainly play D&D, so its nice to get a change of pace to another system. I really like Shadowrun, Serenity and Genesys as my go to Other Systems. Thanks


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