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Notre Dame is Burning

Notre Dame is Burning

A terribly sad day for history, art, architecture...

AP News link:

If this doesn't fit with the site rules, please remove it. But given the buildings presence in history, art, and literature, I and many gamers I know have used it and the stories surrounding it as inspiration.

It will be rebuilt, no question, but still a sad day.

Certainly, any time an 800 year old building is destroyed it is a sad day. Glad to hear so far no one has been hurt.(Correct me if that's incorrect info)

None of the news I have read, and I've scrolled through several stories so far, has mentioned anyone hurt. Current consensus is that the fire was started due to the ongoing construction and renovation around the cathedral.

Seems like one firefighter has gotten injured but other than that everyone seems safe. It's just gut wrenching to see this.

Given all the culture tied up in it, I would consider this an exception to WT rules. As long as they can save the towers, they’ll rebuild the rest.

Originally Posted by Zod View Post
Ny Times has reported that the towers have been saved.
Awesome. That was the key, the one thing they absolutely needed to save to have any chance at doing anything more than building a replica. Of course, it will be some time before we really know how much structural damage has been done to the parts left standing (heat+old mortar and limestone=not good things), but at least there's some hope.

This picture was just released of the interior. Obviously the roof is gone, but they are saying that most of the damage was confined to the superstructure of the building. Even with the roof gone though, it looks like there are sections of the vaults that did not collapse.

The next days will be chancy. The vaults hold the walls up from the inside, so if the fire weakened them enough the walls could collapse inward in coming weeks. I just read that a chaplain rushed inside to save Our Lord's crown of thorns, the tunic of St. Louis, and other relics.


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