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Thread not displaying correctly

Thread not displaying correctly

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My name is Philip Cohen and i am DMing "Death Rising". I am having a problem and was hoping someone may be able to help?

Yesterday i noticed that one of the threads, "Act I:Scene 0 - Waiting for the games", is displaying incorrectly. When i am logged in, the header of the 7th post by kol korran is expanded to cover all posts before it. Subsequent posts are fine. When not logged in the thread displays normally. I am having this problem on both my phone and computer. I have tried clearing cache and cookies with no effect. At least one of my players is having the same problem, but it seems at least one of my players is unaffected. All other threads are dissipating normally. I stated a new thread to try and fix te problem and it worked until about the 5th post where the same thing happened but having a different payers post cause the issue. (This same pay did not cause the issue in the first thread)

I am a bit stumped and hoped someone could point me in the right direction.


Edit: deleting and reposting the offending post appears to have partially fixed the problem. I can now see the entire thread but the baclground colours are all wrong

Thread fixed.

Explanation and recommendation in your game's ooc thread.

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