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High-Power, Vigilante-Focused, Slightly Reimagined Rise of the Runelords

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High-Power, Vigilante-Focused, Slightly Reimagined Rise of the Runelords

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Pathfinder - Golarion

To the average citizen of the coastal town of Sandpoint, life is good.

The majority of the town's inhabitants have never strayed beyond the town's walls, and the rumours of cruel governments, malevolent cults, and terrible monsters in the world outside are little more than apocryphal tales, intended more to scare disobedient children into behaving than anything else. They live in a peaceful world, where magic and the supernatural is kept behind tightly closed doors.

Perhaps you were one such citizen. Or perhaps you were one of the few who've seen the way the darkness gathers across Golarion. Or perhaps you weren't a citizen of Sandpoint at all, but rather have come to attend the autumnal Swallowtail Festival and the consecration of the grand new Cathedral, in the hope of receiving some minor blessing from the gods to ward away the darkness.

But whatever the case, a week ago, your entire world changed.

In the depths of the night, you were awoken by a horrible, invasive feeling, as though your skull had been ripped open and something poured in. And when you looked at yourself, you were all but unrecognisable, clad in armour and garb unlike anything you'd ever seen before.

Eventually, as you calmed down, your strange appearance returned to normal. But you didn't. You could feel whatever power had been thrust unwanted upon you running through your body, stirring whenever you felt strong emotions. And when you wished it, it sprang readily to your command. Immense power, beyond anything you'd ever seen.

But with it came a feeling of unease - a feeling that something is watching...no, searching for you. Something with power even greater than the might you now possess. And now, as the Swallowtail Festival begins, that feeling has been getting ever stronger.

Something is coming.


Hello everybody, and welcome to a game that's based on the Rise of the Runelords adventure path by Paizo (the Anniversary edition, to be specific). Rise of the Runelords was my first experience with RPGs at all, so I have a bit of a fondness for it, but other than briefly taking over a game of it on here due to GM...weirdness...I've never actually run it. So now I'm changing that - but because I can apparently never run a normal game these days, it's got a bit of a twist to it. More specifics can be found in the forum, but in brief, aside from the obvious high-powered nature of it (just for the sake of clarity, while the story will roughly follow the same paths, the encounters will be revamped so you aren't just cakewalking through literally everything), all the PCs must possess the Dual Identity and Transformation Sequence abilities, or equivalents.

A couple of notes on tone and themes, in the absence of anywhere else more convenient to put them:
- It's Lonely At The Top - After whatever happened to them one week prior to the Swallowtail Festival did so, the PCs have become vastly more powerful than a normal person. Their powers make them unlike almost anyone they'll meet; while characters with weird, esoteric abilities aren't mandatory, such characters would fit quite well into the game - although from the perspective of a common farmer, someone that can cut down a dozen soldiers in the blink of an eye is no more human than one that can launch fire from their fingertips.
- People Fear What They Don't Know - This is a slightly homebrewed version of Golarion - one where magic is not the usual, casual affair. Getting raised from the dead is a miracle, not an irritating surcharge of 5000gp, and fireballs being flung around elicits fear from civilians, not casual disinterest. Magic items still exist, but they're more a status symbol - and a demonstration of courage to dare to wield one - than a common piece of equipment.
- The PCs Are The Only Hope - One of the big qualms I have with RotRL as written (and, well, actually a lot of Paizo's APs kinda have this problem at low levels) is that half the time there are NPCs around who can do the PCs job, and often better than the PCs can. For instance, in the very first combat encounter in RotRL, the PCs are first level...and explicitly written into the same scene are an allied 4th-level fighter and an allied 4th-level cleric, among others. In this game, though, the PCs are the only creatures powerful enough to stand up to the threats against their home - and the world.

As you might guess from the above, this is intended to be a slightly dark game (RotRL gets kinda dark in places anyway.) That's not to say that the PCs aren't expected to be epic and awesome, though - part of the point of the high-level-tristalt-mythic-ness of the PCs is that they are Big Damn Heroes. But they're Big Damn Heroes fighting against a threat that would be insurmountable to anyone else.

My current plan is to take two, maybe three characters, so the party will be quite small. That said, if all goes well and my schedule doesn't have any unexpected hiccups, once the game is running smoothly I may start up a second instance of the game.

Game Description:

A high-power, somewhat rewritten game of Rise of the Runelords.

"If a player goes out of their way to break the game, it isn't the game's fault."
Okay, lemme get this whole thing straight:
This is a high level game running through a re-vamped AP to reflect that higher level? And you're letting us use pretty much anything? TRISTALT? MYTHIC LEVELS?

And I thought Ark's last game recruitment broke my mind... LOL

Indeed! Wouldn't mind throwing my hat into the ring for this one.

but because I can apparently never run a normal game these days, it's got a bit of a twist to it.
I feel this feel so very, very much!

Also, dammit @Llyarden, why do you always have to post such interesting game ads?!?

I've never played RotRL (not generally a fan of most AP's, since I rarely have the patience for the whole level grind, at least on PbP), so this would definitely be a new experience. I'm definitely going to have to check this out.

15th level!?

I guess that's one way to make sure you don't overlap with Nidoran. O_o

So for character flavor are you looking for medieval superheroes, stock adventurers on steroids, or something out of the mists of legend? That is, should I be designing Dr. Strange, Elminster, or Merlin?

Design Dr Strangelove, and make it an amalgamation of all four. =D


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