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Shadowrun Game using Dresden Accelerated modified Rules

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Shadowrun Game using Dresden Accelerated modified Rules

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See below for what I'm proposing.

Game Description:

I'm looking to modify the Dresden Accelerated version of FATE to make it work in the Shadowrun setting. To that end, I've already started some discussions on one page, and would like to continue them in the game creation section. I'm looking to run this test game with about 3 people who are willing to be flexible while we figure out the quirks in the system.

This is where we're at so far:

Looking at Dresden Accelerated, and the idea of Mantles, I'm thinking we could use Mantles like:

Awakened Mage
Wageslave Wizard
Street Samurai
Shaman of the People

Each of these Mantles would have associated benefits/skills with them.

Then the various races could be Mantles too, so we'd have:


Each of the Race mantles would have certain bonuses and hinderances associated with them, and you'd mix/match them with your "job" Mantle.

e.x. - Elf Awakened Mage, Orc Decker, etc...

We'd probably need to add a Stress track called "Humanity" or something like that, so that Cyberware can be tracked, and how it impacts the user's ability to both use and resist Magic.

Now the Mantles need to be built out, as do the Races. There are some skills that need to be added (Rigging, Decking, Cyberware, etc), but I think that we can make it work.

The gist of the game will be a "basic" Shadowrun game (team of Runners, trying to survive in the Awakened World). If you're interested, please post here, and then we can continue the discussion on the Game's board.

I'm interested too.

To all those who are interested, I encourage you to go to the game forums, and start poking around. This will be a collaborative effort, to modify DFA to make it work.

Wow u was so caught you forgot to follow up with this (fathers day n stuff) give me a lol bit I'll try to look tonight.

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