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Solve the Murder of a God

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Solve the Murder of a God

Pathfinder: From the Ashes - Forum

Dear sir or madam
It has come to my attention that you are a talented enough of an individual that you will be able to investigate the murder of our glorious goddess Wydleskife. I remember her disappearance as if it was yesterday...

Hello all! So this is a game run in conjunction with a LoC game which myself and several other players have been playing in for 19 epochs (or for 38 weeks). As you might have been able to guess there has been a lot of creation in that time, especially as new and old gods come and go. We, as a group thought this an excellent world at this point to finally open up the flood gates and create a campaign for people to play in.

As a bit of background to the campaign: The goddess Wydleskife was murdered thousands of years ago and you will be hired to investigate a murder mystery that ancient. If you are searching for information on the world and its people all that stuff is inside the forum.

I will be looking for characters with interesting backgrounds and stories to tell, three people have already been accepted but I am looking for a total of 7, I may feel inclined to take an extra player if I really can't decide between two characters.

If you have specific questions you may post them here or PM me directly.

Happy investigations!

Game Description:

This game is being run in conjunction with the LoC game "From the Ashes". Players will enter the first world as one of the playable races as created by the gods from the LoC game. This is a game that will allow players to answer the question of whether or not the divine is worthy of worship

"Death, or glory! It is our way! Let it be known to our enemies as we spread their blood across the galaxy and take their skulls for our lord. For Khorne!" - Ares

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Originally Posted by KingGoblin View Post
The Advanced races, what level do they start at? I see they get experience slower, so they will always be a lower level; possibly much lower as time goes on?
They start at level 4 same as everybody else, and they receive 3/4s the experience of a standard race. It’s simply to balance out the power difference between the races. However if I find that the level power differential is in far in favour of the standard races then I will probably give the Advanced races more exp as to not be left too far behind.

*shameless bump

We could use some more applications if anyone is looking for a game to join.


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