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Give praise to Old Lord Skull!

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Give praise to Old Lord Skull!

Baldurs Gate: Sword Coast Chronicles - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e

The church of Myrkul is certainly a.... Controversial Edifice. From their condoning of Necromancy to the occasional religious Crusade led by one of their gods Doombringers against those who slight the Reaper, there are any number of reasons the Goodly folk of the realms hold the servants of The Lord of Bones in disdain.

Yet for all that, they persist, and provide valuable services with regards to their Lord's domain where permitted. Be it the recording of Will's, guidance on the afterlife, or simply bringing their masters wrath upon those whom would harm the common man, after all, death is for everyone, dragons and bandits included.

And yet, Myrkuls worship is banned in the city of Baldurs Gate, his faithful driven north to the lawless frontier town of Soubar.. but even that Haven is not without it's dangers... Whether from the Ever present Orcs, or the Encroaching forces of the Lord's alliance, or the very lawless rabble that makes up the town. Old Lord Skull needs champions... Will you be one?

So! This is, perhaps unusually, an ad for the Neverwinter Nights 2 persistent world, Baldurs Gate the Sword Coast Chronicles. Or more specifically, the Myrkulite faction within said persistent world. We will be using the game forum for some light RP and for OOC logs/chatter/ Lore sharing. But primarily this game will take place within the NwN 2 server.

The game Neverwinter Nights 2 is needed to play, but if you don't have it and still want to observe, that's more than welcome.

Game Description:

To quote the servers own introduction..

Ours is a persistent, online role-playing world with nearly ten years of history behind it -- still going strong in 2017. Because we frequently see new players logging onto both the server and the forums, we are making a concerted effort to make information more available to you. We know that to someone brand new, getting one's bearings may seem difficult with so much information to absorb. So here is a little run down of where we are coming from, and where we are going.

The overall goal of BG:TSCC is to provide a persistent game world that everyone can play in and enjoy. From the hardened role-player to the seasoned monster slayer, we welcome everyone to our collaborative story. All that we ask is that you be kind to those around you and that you follow the server's rules.

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An... interesting proposition, to say the least. Though are you sure this should have the 3.5 tag instead of "Misc"?

Originally Posted by Goaty14 View Post
An... interesting proposition, to say the least. Though are you sure this should have the 3.5 tag instead of "Misc"?
Well the game is based on D&D 3.5's mechanics. Same Classes, Same Feats and spells. There's a slightly different balance. But all in all, knowing D&D 3.5 at least gets you familiar with NWN 2's mechanics.

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