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Engines & Empires: Old school steampunk dungeon crawl

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Engines & Empires: Old school steampunk dungeon crawl

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D20 System

"Life without industry is guilt, and industry without art is brutality."
John Ruskin

The who
Hi, I'm Kuzco, been playing in the weave for almost nine years now.

The what
I'm going to try GM'ing a game of Engines & Empires, a new take on the very old BECMI d20. The rules are free to download and we need a third or even a fourth player!
This is going to be a steampunk fantasy, dungen crawl adventure to test the game and it's rules.

The how
We're going to be looking at 2-3 posts per week! We'll use Google Sheets for inventory management.

Here is a link to the free core rules!

Here is a link to a review of the game.

Game Description:

Telegraph Form N120
The Mianan Incorporated Telegraph Service
12,000 Offices in the Vinci Republic
500 Offices in the Alin Kingdom
and Elsewhere Too
Now Employing Dwarves, Goblins and Elves of Skill and Excellence

Received at , city of Miana
Date , ,
Get gang to Saruzzi STOP Major opportunity in crisis STOP Discretion and speed STOP Meet at train station STOP


I might be interested in trying this out. This would be my first RPG game so if your looking for experienced players I might not be the best fit. I just skimmed over the review and it looks interesting, I'll give it and the rules a closer read later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Oh, we would be honored. We are veterans but trying these rules for the first time too. Give it a read and if you're interested, let me know.

Great, count me in.

I just downloaded the rule book, and will start looking over the background and rules and begin planning my character creation. I'll try and make it as quick as possible so I'm not holding up the game.

Thanks again.

I'd like to join

I'd like to give this a go. I'm very new to Myth Weavers so have not yet learned how to post die rolls and the like. I've been gaming around a table or through IRC for the last...well, more years than I'd care to admit. If you'll have me I'm in.

At a quick skim through the rules I'm thinking I'd like to play either a human expert or dwarfish ranger.

Originally Posted by Kuzco View Post
I'd say we have room for one more, yep.
Sweet. I'll put up a human tech later today once I park this semi for the night

Looks like you already found your 4th and I don't want to crowd it out, so I'll bid everyone adieu. No worries, just didn't get parked soon enough and get some wifi this evening in time. Such is life lol

I would like to join as a reader though, if that's okay, and keep up with the game. Maybe step in at some point if anyone disappears.


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