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Favorite character?

Favorite character?

So, I'm bored, and I also need one more post to be able to post links (need to in order to apply to a game..) So, I decided, why not do something like this. What's your favorite character you've made?
Mine is Zariz, a human (not a variant human) monk. I swear I roll the worst when I play her. Either that or I get 3 natural 20s on attack rolls followed by max damage. There is no in between for me. This leads to some hilarious moments. For instance, the time that she missed all of her attacks when trying to push an enemy off of an airship (open hand monk, there were airships in that campaign.) This leading to a hostage getting killed. Put a reply below, with your favorite character and a funny or awesome story!

Mine Is T'hargor Mc Allan O'Réibeach...an AD&D1 magic user with mighty psionics to boot... I played him till level 13, in particular through the famous Giants series.He's not quite human, his father being a human looking tiefling, and his mother a Melnibonéan princess, but any differences from normal mankind are purely cosmetic, no darkvision or special powers... also, unlike most mages, he doesn't shy from melee... he can cast Tenser's transformation and owns a wand that's basically a lightsaber.

Well, this is an easy one for me, although it was a 3.5 character not a 5e. A little over a year ago I made a militant rogue/barbarian two weapon fighter speed build for a game that was looking for athletic, agile and rogue-ish characters to set out on a very interesting plot hook. In the opening scene a vengeful wizard and a few crossbow wielding flunkies set fire to the Inn we were staying at by launching a fireball at the Inn. My rogue safely exited the premises from a rope he had tied from the second story window and proceeded to run full tilt in berserking fury toward the assailants in an all out suicide-like blitz without knowing if he had any backup. He dodged several crossbow bolts and another fireball (gotta love evasion!) and upon rolling a natural 20 tripped the mage and almost sliced him in two pieces with his scimitar with another nat 20 on his first attack. Singlehandedly with some great luck of the dice and a burst of speed that left jaws dropping the antagonists were defeated in short order with the mage dying quicker than he could speak! Another nat 20 was rolled with one of my skill checks as the other survivors and PC's approached the grizzly scene. I was so excited I couldn't sleep that night after my posts, waiting to see what would happen next. Sadly, the game died before it really got going but that was the most exciting scene ive ever been a part of in PbP gaming. The character lives on in another game but has taken on different aspects based on creation rules but man that was fun! @Living Steel, thanks for that, it was fun while it lasted!

OOps, 5th ed, then this is another easy one : Vornim of Kilsek, a Drow >Warlock, currently lvl12. he started his career as a slave, due to having rejected the cult of Lolth (at the time he was a demon worshiper of Graz'zt, but later in game his contract was bought by Titania and he lost most of his offensive spells).

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