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Myth Weavers Storycrafting Contest

This contest does not require adherence to those standards, but it sure does look nice.
It's almost like I knew that and wanted to provide a helpful resource for anyone who might consider submitting to other things in the future.

They ARE helpful resources, but are 180 out on the single/double space thing. That's all I was trying to say.

At this point, no one should be using two spaces after a period for anything unless explicitly asked to do so. That rule is from the typewriter era, and we are long past it.

For this contest, single-spaced documents are requested. That is, the spacing between each line of text. Word processors with formatting options--such as Word, LibreOffice, WordPerfect, and more--have a setting which controls this, found somewhere under the Format menu.

Use indent style for your writing, meaning there will be no extra spaces between your paragraphs, and each paragraph will have the first line indented (any indent between .2 and .5 is fine). It should look similar to the text in any fiction book you crack open. This is also a Format option. Don't use your Tab key to create this indent.

An important note, Dauphinous is assisting with the contest and helped create the formatting rules. She is a full time author, and has outstanding resources to help writers. If there is a small portion of a resource that disagrees with the listed format for the contest, simply ignore that portion.


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