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I'm still trying to finish off the Lich King with all the classes. Any advice for a rogue build? You've done it, right Cleric?

Hmm. Ya. Fuzzy.
Whats the deal with Rogue? What does he punish?

Destroy your spells in hand and deck.
I don't remember what I used. May odd rogue now. It's already minion heavy. I just did ok with a tempo rogue. Augmented Elek and spider dudes in your deck guy are good. Just spider guy is good if not Odd.

Ok. For me at least These Runs are real tough. Just lost run 4 at about boss 4. Hooktusk - durn pirates.
And I had a Druid going that I thought could get it done. Man. Tough stuff.

I've been pretty consistently been making it to around boss 4 or 5 on the solo runs, but I've only had two decks that went the distance on it so far.

The armor warrior shrine was a pretty easy run for me, I got a combination of a minion that makes the adjacent minions taunt and the doubling shrine so that I could just taunt the shrines and build armor to smack away.

The second was the spell reduced cost shaman shrine, I got unstable evolution to just infinitely evolve and had some good luck on the rolls.

There are just a couple decks that really sink my ship in the solo run, must consistently I think it has been the paladin shrine to give minions divine shield after they survive damage that takes me out.

Still haven't completed one yet. Have lost on last a few times. About past the point of enjoyable. Wanted and intended to enjoy the runs. Did for a while. Getting to where first completed will be a relief rather than triumph. blah. Oh well

Alright. I'll give Blizz an 8 out of 8 successful Troll attempt. At least for me. I had an absolutely ridiculous armor gain to reset mana druid. Go up against an even more ridiculous Paladin divine shield deck as last boss. So frustrating. Uncool.

Gotten up to the 5th foe a couple of times, but feels more like luck than skill. Luck was a part of previous runs, but now there are many matches where there is literally nothing I can do. The shrine powers are way too swingy.


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